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The Broadmoor prides itself on accommodating guests above and beyond their expectations. One of our favorite ways of doing this is by allowing pets to stay at the resort. The Pitty Pat Club, named after the prized first poodle of The Broadmoor, was designed to please pets and owner alike.

Upon checking in with your pets, your room will be prepared with special Broadmoor bedding and food bowls for use during your stay. Your pets will also be given a complimentary treat and Broadmoor Identification Tag.


Nearby you can find pet sitting services, groomers, and chain pet supply stores. Even more convenient, The Broadmoor Pet Boutique is located in the shopping plaza. Complete with dog beds, bowls, treats, and toys you have all the essentials that you may have forgotten. There are also various pieces of pet inspired art and home décor in this unique boutique.

Our human guests are not the only ones who can enjoy the resort in luxury. Our exclusive Pitty Pat Pet Menu can be ordered from by simply calling Room Service. This menu includes solid and soft food options for cats and dogs, as well as treats.


Just outside of The Broadmoor property, there are several parks and natural attractions that you can bring your dog to. Garden of the Gods is a sight to see, and your adventurous dog can see it with you.


Pets are a huge part of our lives and that is why Spencer and Julie Penrose wanted to allow pets to join the fun of the hotel! Guest may have two pets per guest room at a fee of $50 per pet per day. We can’t wait to pamper you and all of your family members.
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"The classiest hotel I have ever stayed at. "
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"Beautiful resort, the most incredible service we've ever experienced, all with amazing scenery as well?! What's not to love? "
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"Awesome doesn't even begin to cover The Broadmoor experience. Five-Star service and accommodations. If you haven't been…GO! "
— Joanne F. - Facebook