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08/19/2014 Tagged as: Uncategorized
The Main Mezzanine has gained a special new gem that we are proud to offer to our guests. The Pourtales Library gives you the opportunity to check out unique books to delight your imagination by the pool or by the fire.

imagesPourtales was a Prussian Count who came to America in search of fortune. His strength was in his knowledge of farming and he assisted in bringing the Broadmoor Dairy Farm back to life. From there, he was driven to earn more profit and built the suburbs of Colorado Springs. To increase the value of the homes, Count Pourtales constructed Cheyenne Lake and The Broadmoor Casino.

When it was first built, The Pourtales Room served as a ladies sitting room. The room was fully restored around the historic fireplace to become the library, saving one of the hotel’s treasures. The original opening into the center lounge has also been preserved, serving as a beautiful entryway.


The books are donations made by a longtime guest so that future guests can enjoy reading at their leisure. Guests are welcome to take books with them around the property and are asked to return them on the honor system.


The library offers classics, best sellers, and children’s books. If you don’t feel like taking a book around property with you, little reading alcoves surround a true reading table in the cozy room decorated with dark wood. The Pourtales Library is always open and books are continuously being added from internal donors.


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