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Colorado Cuisine: Introducing Restaurant 1858

08/06/2015 Tagged as: Dining, Events
Almost two years ago, Seven Falls experienced flash floods. Ruining trails, roads and the attractions, it has been closed ever since. The Broadmoor was proud to become the current owner and caretaker of this historical attraction. Restaurant 1858 sets the scene (and palate) for the Colorado Gold Rush, 1858-1861. It has the Colorado Craveability Factor… if that’s a thing. Creole and Mesquite Barbecue spices. Frontier cooking. It's all here. Featuring some of the best of the bison burgers and sandwiches for lunch, with the 1858 Mixed Grill and Trout Eight Ways for dinner. Soon to become a family favorite will be the Weekend Supper Specials.

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If I haven't lured you yet, let me tell you a little more about the menu. America sure is a melting pot of flavors, and 1858's menu incorporates German, French and Creole flavors to make it sweet home Colorado. Eagles Nest Ranch Quail, Venison Sausage and Black Pepper Roasted Garlic Spaetzle all roam the 1858 Mixed Grill plate. Bourbon Honey Lacquered Pork Loin served with Smoked Sausage and Roasted Apples, and of course, the timeless Shrimp and Grits made to 1858's fancy. But save room for dessert: Brownie Sundae and Huckleberry, Blackberry Pie are on the menu.


When I said there are lots of changes going on, there isn’t only the property opening. Chefs are moving around, management being sent every which way, and the staff following along. Jim Paulson, currently known as the manager at the famous Golden Bee, will be manager of Restaurant 1858, and Kathleen Symons will be the Chef de Cuisine, previously at La Taverne.


Opening a restaurant is a difficult task, as Jim could tell you himself. If many of you are familiar with Colorado Springs, unlike myself, you’d be able to scope out the Red Robin on Powers. If you have a love for bottomless fries and freckled lemonade, like myself, you’d be able to scope it out regardless of knowing the area. Jim Paulson has opened this Red Robin as well as a few Old Chicago restaurants in the area. So he knows a little bit about what’s going on when it comes to opening.


He believes the hardest thing about this job would be that, one; there are a ton of details. There are a bunch of ideas that you may have in your mind that you need to get organized. Number two: his vision. “The vision I have is that you need to take 40-some-odd people who haven’t met, and in two weeks, be a high operating team when you open the doors.” Seems easy right?

So if you aren’t able to pick up what I’m putting down, rock what I’m rolling, smell what I’m cooking… It’s going to be a very team oriented place up at Seven Falls, and a very well run restaurant.

The team continues with Kathleen (Katie) Symons, a chef whose philosophy is to cook with passion. She, too, has been a part of opening up a restaurant from the back of the house point-of-view. Working at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, she was part of the team that helped Chef Michael Voltaggio open up the new restaurant there.


Chef Katie has over ten years of cooking experience, first getting her Culinary Arts degree from Sullivan University. Her favorite dish to make is Spaghetti Bolognese with homemade pasta. With all the different meals I mention, I may as well just post a recipe one of these days… (Foreshadow…?)

Every great chef has a mentor, or at least someone who they admire. Chef Kathleen loves the work of Anne Willan. She was lucky enough to participate in a cooking class that Anne taught at the Greenbrier. Another influence: Julia Child.

So with this team, the opening of Restaurant 1858 should be easy as pie, right? I guess you’ll have to see for yourself.

1858 mixed grill

  Don't have time for a sit-down meal at the restaurant? Chef Katie will also be whipping up food that will be sold from the Seven Falls food truck! After your climb up the 224 stairs to see the falls (or, as I find just as tiring... watching people do the 224 stair climb. They're getting the daily cardio in for me.), you may want a snack. Our BBQ Colorado Trout Fritters are the perfect fix! You also have Wild Boar Chili and nachos to choose from.

Come see it for yourself, opening August 13th!
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