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Spring Fever

02/29/2016 Tagged as: Activities
by Tiana Pomaybo

For me, life is always moving. It almost seems too fast some times. I’m always on the computer, running errands, or working. It seems that the only thing I’m missing is to remember what’s really important in life – like the places you go, and the people you spend it with.

One year, I explained to my husband that I wanted a place to get away. He refuted the fact that we don’t get away from life; we just live it. “Getting away” implies that you want to leave all of it behind and go have a drink somewhere warm and on the beach. And although that sounds amazing, it’s not what I had in mind. I wanted to spend time with my family; I wanted to get out and explore. I wanted to see scenery and be overwhelmed with things to do so that my family has the chance to move away from the technology and pay attention to what was right in front of them. I didn’t us to have to get away from it all, but we wanted to experience all that the world has to offer.

For me, The Broadmoor is not really a place to get away, but a place to get right in the middle of awe-inspiring life. Life entails feeling. Feeling everything. Feeling warmth. Feeling comfort. Feeling love. Feeling amazement and excitement. Being here, you feel all of it.

At The Broadmoor, you have time to slow down and pay attention to the life that so often passes by too quickly. It’s important to take time to really see the colors of the flowers, the mountains, and the ever-changing leaves. Immerse yourself in the smiles and warmth that you get from everyone around you, the look on your children’s faces when they can go down a waterslide, play at the park, go bowling, or watch a movie in a big comfy theatre. Soak in the sun on your face as you sit out by the Cheyenne Lake, and enjoy a hot cappuccino or an amazing martini while watching the water sparkle in the sunlight. Stop and listen to the sound of the breeze as it blows through the trees. Be amazed when you see a deer walking on the same pathway as you are, and the connection you get with nature when you get to walk by and speak to it as if it could understands you. Speak with all of the amazing employees; learn their stories and some of the history that surrounds you. Feel like you are “tempting fate” (though it is very safe) with heart-rushing adrenaline as you zip down the mountain on the Seven-Falls Soaring Zip line tour. Have a falcon placed on your arm to examine close up. Then fall into a cozy bed when the day of excitement is over so you can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again, or find new adventures to experience. Most of all, remember the expressions on the faces of your family when nothing is in the way of all of you just being together and enjoying what life has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Take a Spring Break with your family at The Broadmoor. It’s where memories are made.

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