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Tastings Blog - Meet Danny Trace of Brennan's of Houston

01/27/2015 Tagged as: Dining, Events

Growing up just outside New Orleans, Chef Danny’s ‘real’ education came first-hand in the bustling kitchen of Commander’s Palace, the acclaimed culinary landmark of the Brennan’s Family of Restaurants.  A decade into his career, he and his family retreated to nearby Texas to escape Hurricane Katrina and the devastating aftermath. Ever loyal to the Brennan family, however, Chef Danny returned to New Orleans to take the Executive Chef reins of Café Adelaide, which celebrated its post-hurricane reopening on Thanksgiving Day 2005. In 2008, he opened Commander’s Palace and the On the Rocks Bar in Destin, Florida. With three stellar years under his belt at Commander’s in Florida, Chef Danny added a fourth restaurant in fall 2009 to his rich history with the Brennan’s Family of Restaurants. Today he serves as Executive Chef at Brennan’s of Houston, creating traditional Creole favorites and intriguing daily specialties with a tempting twist that draw Houston diners time and again. And like those with whom he shares his passion for exceptional cooking and Southern hospitality, Danny’s family ranks at the
top of his priorities.


Taste and Savor Questionnaire - Chefs

Describe your food philosophy in one sentence

Our Bayou City Creole cuisine balances a respect for traditional dishes and techniques with a passion for staying on the cutting edge of regional cuisine in America, as well as utilizing local ingredients whenever possible.


What is your earliest food memory?

Eating Beef-a-Roni in the can. I’m pretty sure Turtle soup was created by copycatting that recipe.

Hunting and fishing with my grandpa and bringing back our bounties of the day and cooking it that evening for the family. Rabbit Hunting in Thibodaux Louisiana with my grandpa, skinning them underneath his shed, and making onion-braised rabbit and rice for the family that evening.

Who is or was your biggest culinary influence?

My Grandpa without a doubt, as well as Ella Brennan and the rest of the Brennan family


Name your favorite food city and why.

That certainly would have to be the city that I have chosen as my home—Houston, Texas. It is exciting to be in a great city amongst great chefs and its farmers that is gaining momentum in being a culinary destination


What food item or dish is your guilty pleasure?  

I would certainly have to say its “Best Stop” Boudin & Cracklins with an ice cold beer.

After a long day, do you prefer wine, beer or a cocktail?

It certainly depends on the day, sometimes it involves all three. ha ha.


What is your ultimate day off meal?

 A huge pot of wild duck and Collard green gumbo with smoked venison sausage and plenty of honey buttered cornbread to warm the soul

Join Danny Trace because only the best will #tasteandsavor2015

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