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Tastings: Ancient Grains

06/26/2014 Tagged as: Dining
Walking into the bakery of The Broadmoor greets you with the tempting smells of baked bread, warm and fresh out of the oven.  Every day our Head Baker, Chef Johann Willar and his team masterfully bake dozens of different breads for outlets all over property.  Since the age of 15, Chef Willar has continued to refine his baking skills to create the perfect yeasty treasures.  Recently, he attended a seminar hosted by Peter Reinhart focusing on the "next frontier" in baking: ancient grains.

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Ancient grains refer to a method of baking that uses different types of sprouted grains.  Rather than milling the dormant seeds of cereal grains, these seeds are sprouted and then dried and milled into flour.  Eating breads baked with sprouted grains offers a multitude of health benefits and better taste to consumers.  Broadmoor guests and Colorado Springs locals can find these breads exclusively at our newest restaurant, Natural Epicurean.

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Traditionally, bread is difficult for the human body to digest because it requires pancreatic enzymes, which are not abundant in our digestive systems.  Allowing the grains to sprout begins the transformation from starch to plant, which the body can better digest, and uses for energy instead of storing of as fat.  Sprouted grains also increase the availability of nutrients, specifically antioxidants, that lie dormant in whole grains.
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The Broadmoor receives sprouted khorasan, oats, rye wheat, and spelt grains which are then run through a sausage grinder to create "the chub".  The chub replaces commercially bleached flour and contains higher levels of vitamin c, vitamin d, and carotene.  Sprouted grains contain higher levels of fiber as well, which has been shown to lower cholesterol, fight type two diabetes, and help maintain overall digestive health.  They also neutralize enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, allowing your body to better absorb key nutrients, including calcium and magnesium.

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Natural Epicurean boasts a number of breads made with these ancient grains including whole wheat buns, pitas, and even focaccia.  Sprouting the grains avoids the bitter taste of traditional whole grains, and gives the bread a light and well rounded flavor.  Chef Willar hopes that this technique will bring people back to bread, as it contains less gluten and has extensive health benefits.  And combined with the fresh, locally sourced produce in the kitchen of Natural Epicurean, diners have a long list of healthy and wholesome options to choose from!

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