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Greetings from Our Ranch Dogs

We've had a great Fall and Winter season at The Broadmoor Wilderness Properties!  We have so much to tell you about the last few months at all of our all-inclusive experiences. Don't just hear it from us - find out what our Ranch dogs have been up to!

Letter from Reba

Yes that’s right – Reba the Ranch dog is writing a newsletter to you.  But really, does it come as a surprise that I can type?  I am, after all, the one responsible for all of our guests at Emerald Valley Ranch this season having such a great stay with us.  Okay, maybe Craig and the rest of the staff helped me a little because they did just win the Conde Nast Readers Poll as the 2017 award for Top Resort in Colorado.  I would like to take more credit, but that darn cat JuneBug is trying to claim the kudos, however her nails are too long so she’s not as good at typing as I am.  Plus, she is out chasing a squirrel up a tree and doesn’t even know I am writing this.

But that’s enough about the cat and the staff.  This letter is a thank you from me to you.  You know who you are – those of you who rubbed my belly, scratched me behind my ears and who let me take you for walks around the lake.  Oh yeah, for those of you who took me fishing with you. Wasn’t that fun?  And some of you got to share the eclipse with me this season, too! You let me be a guest at a wedding, and many of you shared your families with me. I loved that time playing with you!

I know, I spent a lot of time resting on the door mat, lying under my blanket by the concierge desk this summer, but when a mature lady like me has to take care of such great people like you, it takes a lot of energy and I’m not a pup anymore. I will admit, I needed my beauty sleep just to keep up. 

Now, Craig is trying to close the door to the Lodge at The Ranch for the winter, but I’m laying in the sun soaking it all in. Actually, don’t tell him, but I’m purposely blocking their way since I’m not ready to leave for the winter. There’s a lot of activity around here, but I’m just staying put. If he wants me to move, Craig is going to have to pick me up and carry me away. Not that I don’t like my winter home. It’s fine. I get to sleep by the fireplace and count the days until we open again for guests on April 27, 2018. But I feel like you do – leaving this place is not easy. Let’s do that again next summer, okay? I’ll be waiting. I may have a new toy by then as I seem to keep losing my duck. Have a great winter!

PS: from Craig Hilton, The Ranch at Emerald Valley Manager: The staff and I want to personally thank you for joining us this season. Reba pretty much said it all, but I thought I should throw in my two cents and tell you we’ll be excited to see you back in 2018. It’s because of you that we get to do what we love more than anything else and that’s show off our beautiful Colorado mountain home. Come join us again beginning April 27. We’ll have the doors open ready to welcome you. 

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From Zoey

When I left my previous life and home at Eagles Nest Ranch in Northern Colorado, I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved my home there, and they loved me (the ranch manager said I was his favorite), but as difficult as it was to say good bye, it was time to move on to something more; something that involved being more social, which perfectly suits my personality. Of course I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? I had new skills to learn and a new home to get settled in. I had new people to train, which is always a challenge. But I think I made the adjustment to Cloud Camp quite nicely. Lisa and Mark welcomed me into the family with open arms, making me immediately feel welcome and part of the family.

Being part of my new family, however, didn’t come without responsibilities. Morning chores began at 5AM. Of course, that was not a problem since I’ve loved early mornings since I was a pup. After a short nap and breakfast in my room, I summoned our Cloud Camp staff for the most important part of the day – to say good bye to our departing guests and then greet the new ones. I took great pride in touring our guests around the Main Lodge, as well as escorting them to their rooms. I’d sit midway up the stone stairs and watch activities before taking a nap in Lisa’s office until I was summoned to be part of the flag ceremony, my absolute favorite part of the day.

I must say that guests do dine well at Cloud Camp, and so did I. Chef knows I can’t have grains, so I was given wonderful treats at my own place in Chef’s kitchen where I learned how to appreciate the finer points of proper leftovers. My absolute favorite was white fish mixed in with my special diet dog food. Such an honor to be an unofficial taste tester under Chef’s watchful eye.

Speaking of honors, I had my photo taken with the Baroness de Selys Longchamps of Belgium! While every guest is special to us, this one left me speechless (not that I’m a big talker anyway). The Baroness is the great-great granddaughter of Julie Penrose, wife of The Broadmoor’s founder Spencer Penrose. She had not been to the resort since 1964, and remembered coming to the original Cheyenne Lodge (where our Cloud Camp now stands) when she was a child. What a gracious and lovely lady who loves dogs, as did Mrs. Penrose. I was sad to see her depart, but she promised to come back for another visit.

This winter, while Cloud Camp is closed, I’ll be living with Lisa and her husband Mark, enjoying The Broadmoor, playing with some of the other employee dogs at the golf course, and anxiously waiting for April 27, 2018 when I fully plan on being there to greet you for another summer of fun, adventure and fine dining. Please come visit us again! I’ll be at the stairs waiting to show you a great time!
Happy winter!

PS: From Lisa Thomassie, Cloud Camp Manager – Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe our sweet Zoey. She found her way quickly into all of our hearts, even making trips down to The Overlook to visit with our groups. She’s our best meeting – and greeting – ambassador. Whether she attended a Board retreat, a wedding or a family reunion, Zoey always felt welcomed by you.  Thanks, and we’re all looking forward to seeing you again when we open April 27, 2018 for next season. 

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A Note from Blue to You

You’re gone! What’s up with that? No fishing trips, no chasing gophers, geese, beavers or moose. It’s just not the same without you. I’m running around here chasing my tail, tracking down squirrels and watching Scott and the gang close up for the winter. Boring!

What a great summer we had, though. I got to hang out with you, tag along as you caught fish, pose for pictures (one of my favorite things to do) and wait patiently while you snuck food to me during mealtimes. Gotta say that thanks to you visiting this was my best summer yet!

If you’re wondering, being the camp mascot is a pretty great job. My favorite part was when you got there. I loved hearing, “Oh, how cute! Who are you? Do we get to play with him?” Best was, “Can he go fishing with us?” If I could talk, you’d have heard me say, “Now? When? Get your stuff in the room and let’s GO!”  The one thing I’m not is shy. Kinda like Scott, I’m all about making you feel at home.
That’s what happened this summer when I got to spend time with one guest who was a quadriplegic. What a cool dude! I didn’t leave his side for four days. We fished, we ate; I helped him out with everything. The best reward was that he had a great time. That’s what it’s all about.

I heard people ask Scott what we were going to do for the winter when we’re closed. Well, not sure about him, but I’ll sleep, chase whatever I can find – balls, Frisbees, rabbits, squirrels – and wait to come home to Fly Fishing Camp next spring. If I could dial a phone, I’d be making your reservations now. But you have to do that.

We’ll be open and anxious to see you starting Friday, April 27, 2018. Scott will have your waders and rods lined up and waiting on the lodge rail. I’ll be there to meet you at the Lodge, tail wagging; follow you to the river, get in the water, look for fish, roll in the mud and sit by your feet waiting for you to sneak me food. I can’t WAIT!

As we say here at Fly Fishing Camp, Tight Lines! See ya soon!

PS: From Scott Tarrant, Fly Fishing Camp Manager – Not much more I can add that Blue has not already said except for some exciting news even he does not know yet. In 2018, watch for an exciting announcement on our partnership with Orvis! In the meantime, have a great winter! Blue, the gang and I look forward to seeing you back in the river!

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