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Carson Torchia - The Marketing and PR Intern Experince

10/15/2015 Tagged as: Dining, Wilderness Experiences
I have always been a golfer. Ever since I could walk my Grandfather had a club in my hands. Fast forward several years and I was was playing competitive golf all across the country with a goal of playing for a college team. When that did not work out, making a decision on a major to focus on became so difficult for me because architecture my true passion just seemed like too rigorous of a course schedule. So I decided to study the only thing I knew a lot about PGA Golf Management with a Marketing Degree.

Three and a half years later I knew that playing was my passion, not working for the people that play. I dropped my PGA portion of my major earlier this year and pursued an internship in marketing. It was definitely the right decision, I had the same drive and ambition as when I pursed my PGA internships. I strived to work for the best or not work at all. That is why I turned straight to The Broadmoor since I had a classmate, and now former Broadmoor intern, Megan Pagett say that she loved her internship.


I applied and after getting through several rigorous rounds of internships got the call that I got one of the positions. I could not have imagined a better place to have my first true marketing internship.

The amount I have progressed through this internship throughout this summer has been beyond what I could have ever imagined. Being able to assist, create and participate in many of the assignments I did was an opportunity incomparable to any of the golf facilities I have worked at. I went from working and having no responsibility to getting freedom to do what I actually wanted to do.


I hopped between digital marketing, food & beverage marketing and public relations with some crisis management. I used the GoPro to get photos and video of many of the resorts amenities. I practically taught myself the ins and outs of iMovie in two months which I find amazing since I've never been very technologically inclined.


Also having the opportunity to get the guest experience while I was a marketing intern was so helpful to my perspective on what the guest would want to see of the resort. It was so fun to be able to experience Fishing Camp, it transformed me from a person that disliked all fishing to someone who had found a new hobby. If you take a look at the blogs I have written about my father and I's experience you will know pretty quick that fishing is not something I enjoy very much. The experience my father and I had was so good and the work I did while I was up there it just made the overall experience so incredible.

I witnessed the processes of how to get photos for magazines, websites and newsletters which was a timely process. Learning the preparation that it took to open a new attraction and marketing it properly was a great experience that would have been hard to get at any other marketing internship. I really enjoyed the photoshoots and even participated as the main model for Fishing Camp which was pretty fun. On more of a PR side I witnessed how to treat clients of media and travel agents visiting the resort by touring them around property typically followed by a meal at the resort. I was ok with the occasional payment in food or a photo with Venus Williams it helped me realize the amazing opportunities I had while working here.


I could honestly write ten blogs about how amazing my experiences on this internship were and how awesome everyone I met was. I want to thank Krista Hienike for being the first to take the time to interview me, Marcus Miller for the opportunity to manage social media, the resort for treating me so well as an employee, and I cannot forget about Allison Scott. I could literally write a whole blog about how awesome she is and know The Broadmoor is going to miss her dearly with her leave in September. She is such an amazing boss to have and I can say I can't think of another I have worked for that has taught me nearly as much as she did.

My overall experience at The Broadmoor has not only given me an exceptional knowledge of a resorts operations, but taught me that I can put my mind to whatever I want to do. I put in the hard work and there is no question that it showed. I wish I could stay longer but that is not the case so maybe one day I will have the opportunity to come back for a full time position at The Broadmoor.

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