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Getting to Know the Summit Team

10/13/2015 Tagged as: Dining, Events, Uncategorized
Summit Escargot  

There are a lot of exciting events coming to Summit restaurant over the next few months! Before your visit, take a moment to get to know the restaurant’s fun, friendly staff.

Chef Mark Musial started as a food runner at Summit in 2006. Only nine years later, his exemplary culinary skills have led him to take on the role of Summit's Chef de Cuisine.

Chef Musial

Describe your cooking philosophy in one sentence:

Source great ingredients and let their natural flavors shine.
Summit Dishes

What is your earliest food memory?

My mom’s over easy eggs. She cooked them with margarine and served them with toast. I still keep a tub of margarine just for my eggs.

Who is your biggest culinary influence?

While I’ve learned a lot from all of the chefs I’ve worked with, my dad taught me the importance of never giving up and what it means to work hard. He unknowingly prepared me for a life in the culinary industry.

What food item or dish is your guilty pleasure?

I love lunch meat… there it is, out in the open now. I also enjoy the green chili and fresh guacamole that my wife and I make together. I'm not going to lie, lunch meat and leftover green chili are the jam!

Chef Musial Carving an Iberico Ham

Summit’s new manager, Greg Shields, also has a history with the Broadmoor. One of his greatest accomplishments was serving as the manager of Emerald Valley Ranch. Now, Greg is excited to bring his skills to Summit.

Manager Greg Shields

What is your earliest restaurant memory?

A great hometown steakhouse my family would visit almost weekly. I’d always order the sirloin tips with sautéed onions and peppers!

Name your favorite food city and why:

Vancouver, BC, has a variety of great cuisine. I personally love the seafood: oysters, mussels, crab and salmon. In the spring you can buy live BC Spotted Prawns from the markets which make incredible ceviche! BC also has some delicious white wines and Pinot Noirs.

What is your favorite dish at Summit?

The Lobster Mac and Cheese. The broiled bread crumb crust puts it over the top!

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Lobster Mac & Cheese

What is the most rewarding part about your job?

When all members of the restaurant team are in tune with the guests and with each other, everything flows smoothly. I like to see guests relaxing, enjoying the food, and connecting with one another. When this happens, it makes my job worthwhile!

Current and Upcoming Events at Summit:

Now-October 18: Colorado Springs Restaurant Week: Celebrate local cuisine with Restaurant Week! From now until the 18th, Summit will be offering three-course dinners for two for only 60 dollars!

Starting January 2016: Summit’s 10th Anniversary: In 2016 Summit will be celebrating ten years of bringing quality French cuisine to Colorado Springs.

January 15-17: Pinot Posse: Join us for a special evening with some of the country’s best Pinot Noir winemakers to mark the restaurant’s 10-year anniversary.
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