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Get to Know "Bucky" - Ristorante del Lago Sommelier

09/05/2015 Tagged as: Uncategorized

Get to Know Michael "Bucky" Buckelew - Ristorante del Lago Sommelier 


Describe your beverage philosophy in one sentence:
Always searching to connect the acts of eating and drinking thoughtfully and mindfully.

What is your earliest beverage memory?
Pimping a six pack of Corona (before it was a big brand) at 14 at the corner Circle K in the California desert - going home and drinking three bottles and then sleeping like I never had before!


Who is or was your biggest influence?
When I was a very young sommelier I worked with a local salesman Charlie Keegan - he taught me the basics about wine and totally demystified it - he gave me the wine bug - I still have it and I'll never forget him.

What is your favorite beverage that most would consider to be a guilty pleasure? Doing shots of organic Grade B maple syrup


After a long day, do you prefer wine, beer or a cocktail? Yes please.

Money is no option – what is your drink of choice? If money is no option then I could afford a time machine and travel back to the very beginning of human civilization - when agriculture took root 10,000 years ago - and drink the very first purposefully fermented beverage with the locals.
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