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Respecting and protecting The Broadmoor's unique natural surroundings affects every aspect of how we run our historic Colorado Springs luxury resort. From water and electricity reduction and resort-wide recycling programs to the products we carry in our retail shops, The Broadmoor's Green Initiatives are an important step in preserving the Colorado Spring's natural beauty and vital resources.

Electricity Use Reduction

The Broadmoor houses a state-of-the-art Energy Management System that controls lighting, heating, temperature and many additional functions throughout the resort in the most efficient manner possible. Beginning in 2010, we began an on-going project to convert over 30,000 light fixtures to compact fluorescents, cold cathode fluorescents and LED's. During recent renovations, old windows and mechanical distribution piping were replaced with thermal pane energy efficient windows and insulated piping. The Broadmoor is teaming with a major energy firm to perform a campus wide study of areas of energy savings. We are now replacing light fixtures throughout property to LED whenever possible. With our 2014 renovation of Broadmoor West we are using LED lighting exclusively which will lower our lighting electrical load by 70%.

Golf Courses

Our championship golf courses are certified Audubon Sanctuaries, which recognize the highest level in environmental policies. In addition, The Broadmoor is one of the first golf facilities to participate in the Colorado Golf Carbon Project. Currently, the golf staff is actively working towards efforts that put The Broadmoor in a place to receive a GEOOnCourse certification. In 2010, The Broadmoor saw its golf courses designated as a Groundwater Guardian Green Site (more information).

Water Conservation

All irrigation systems have been updated to reduce flow and overall water usage. Toilets in all guest rooms have been converted to low-flow and showers are flow-restricted. Display fountains only run during restricted hours and are recirculating. The Main Pool has a state-of-the-art back wash system.

Waste and Recycling

Appropriate receptacles for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and refuse metal recycling are located throughout the property. Inspection and employee training on these procedures has been conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. A group of employees designated as the Conservation and Recycling Committee is in place to oversee all of the resorts recycling activities.

Food & Beverage

The Broadmoor is one of the top sourcers of organic, locally-grown produce from Arkansas Valley Organic Growers and Venetucci Farms. All used cooking grease is stored in drums and then recycled into bio-diesel. Food used for large banquets and buffets that requires no additional heating or is packaged is donated to the local Marian House Soup Kitchen. Food that requires heating is repurposed and served in The Broadmoor Employee Café at an affordable price.


The Spa at The Broadmoor features the Epicuren skincare line. Through Epicuren’s continuous progression, our company’s core priorities remain constant: customer experience, wellness, environmental awareness, and evolution.

Surrounding Community

Employees have adopted a portion of Cheyenne Creek as part of the Colorado Springs Adopt-a-Creek program. Broadmoor employees are responsible for making sure the creek remains clean several times each year.

Grounds and Landscaping

The Grounds Department is currently participating in an experimental greenhouse program that reduces the amount of plastic potting used and recycles the plastic that is. Insect control is accomplished using specific species of insects and nematodes along with the most beneficial and environmentally friendly insecticides specific to each flower bed. All lawns are mowed with mulchers that return clippings to the ground for natural decomposition. Natural deer repellents in the form of rosemary and peppermint are planted to keep the animals away from flower beds.

More on our Green Initiatives


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