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12 Days of Christmas

Visit our Concierge Desks in Broadmoor Main or West for more information or contact Dining Reservations at ext. x3733 to reserve your class.
Cost is $35 per person inclusive, including a glass of Prosecco.


Day 1: Friday, December 21
Partridge in a Pear Tree: Pear Belle Helene
A classic  French masterpiece. Guests will learn how to perfectly poach a pear, fill it with vanilla ice cream and drizzle with Broadmoor 66% chocolate sauce.
Day 2: Saturday, December 22
Two Turtle Doves
Guests will learn how master the household confection known as the Turtle. Salted caramel, spiced candied pecans and rich dark chocolate combined make this a memorable treat for any age.
Day 3: Sunday, December 23
Three French Hens 
Taste and explore the wonderful wines of the Rhone Valley. 
Day 4: Monday, December 24
Four Calling Birds 
Learn the basics of the yard bird.  Our Chefs will show you how to make perfect fried chicken for your next Sunday Supper. We’ll also cook up a few great side dishes like scratch made biscuits and red eye gravy, plus the basics of bird butchery, brining, breading, and frying.  
Day 5: Tuesday, December 25
Five Golden Rings: Sushi
Broadmoor chefs put their own spin on rings and teach you how to roll sushi!  It is easier than you think and the sky is the limit on how you fill them. Be ready to ring in the new year.
Day 6: Wednesday, December 26
Six Geese-A-Laying 
Learn about all things eggs! We’ll make perfect omelets, scotch eggs, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, and Caesar salad dressing while learning about cooking methods and some of the science that make eggs the most magical ingredient in the kitchen.  
Day 7: Thursday, December 27
Seven Swans-A-Swimming: Swan Pastries
Discover the world of pate au choux as you learn the timeless techniques of an enriched pastry dough used for delicacies such as eclairs and profiteroles. Using a little creativity and novice piping skills, transform a simple profiterole into a custard filled swan. 
Day 8: Friday, December 28
Eight Maids-A-Milking 
Ever wanted to make fresh cheese at home? We will teach simple recipes for mozzarella, burrata, and ricotta and a few great recipes using ingredients that will make your next dinner party a hit.
Day 9: Saturday, December 29
Nine Ladies Dancing: Rosé and canapés  
Let’s Party! We’ll show you some great canapés that work great with rosé to impress at your next gathering.   
Day 10: Sunday, December 30
Ten Lords-A-Leaping: Winter Cocktails 
Festive winter cocktails to kick off your New Year’s Celebration!
Day 11: Monday, December 31
Eleven Pipers Piping: Piped Cookies 
Piped cookies are very trendy, so let our Pastry Chefs show you some easy techniques to “wow” your dinner guests.
Day 12: Tuesday, January 1
Twelve Drummers Drumming 
Happy New Year! It’s time for coffee and some basic tips to make the best cup of Joe.  Our baristas will treat you to a caffeine extravaganza of morning pick-me-ups and evening cocktails.     
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