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02/13/2015 Tagged as: Dining, Events, Uncategorized


Named “Best Beer Sommelier in Los Angeles” by Los Angeles Magazine, Christina Perozzi has gained a large following as one of the top female beer experts in the United States. Christina realized her affinity for the beer world while managing the famous Father's Office in Santa Monica, CA. Seeing the need for beer education everywhere, she founded the popular website and started working as a consultant, beer educator, writer and beer sommelier in 2006. Since then she has gone on to Co-Author “The Naked Pint” and the upcoming “The Naked Brewer” (Penguin, New York, NY - 2012) and is Executive Editor of with fellow beer chick Hallie Beaune. Christina gives beer tastings, seminars and classes, as well as partnering with innovative chefs hosting Beer Pairing Dinners.

Christina recently co-hosted a one hour special on The Cooking Channel called ‘Eat This, Drink That’ focusing on coupling local and innovative food with beverage pairings.

Taste and Savor Questionnaire - Beverage Expert


Describe your beverage philosophy in one sentence:

Beer is good.

What is your earliest beverage memory?

My earliest beverage memory is my grandfather Ernesto drinking a red wine with every dinner.  He’d have it in a little milk glass and cut it with water, and he’d let me have a little sip if I asked to taste it.  He’d laugh and tell me that it was good for me.

Who is or was your biggest influence?

My biggest influence in the beer world is my mentor Mark Jilg who owns Craftsman Brewing Company in Pasadena.  He taught me about the craftsmanship and skill in brewing, tasting and pairing beer.  But more importantly, he taught me the industry from a staunchly purist perspective.  He’s a true artist.  He encouraged me to break out on my own and start writing and consulting.


What is your favorite beverage that most would consider to be a guilty pleasure?

I do enjoy a cosmopolitan from time to time.

After a long day, do you prefer wine, beer or a cocktail?

There’s nothing better to drink after a long day than a nice cold beer!  My favorite go-to at the end of a day is a hoppy, citrusy west coast IPA.  My second choice is a Negroni at sunset for apertivo.


Money is no option – what is your drink of choice?

The thing about beer is that it’s the rarity and location that makes a beer difficult to get, not the price.  So, I’d spend the money on a plane ticket to Belgium and go to Westvleteren Abbey, which is home to the Westvleteren Brewery where I would have a ‘Westy 12’  a 10.2%  Trappist ale that is considered to be one of the best and hardest beers to get in the states.

Join Christina Perozzi because only the best will #TasteandSavor2015

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