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Tastings: Gadgets Galore Part 2

07/24/2014 Tagged as: Dining
The first thing to catch your eye as you enter Ristorante del Lago is the  stunning floor to ceiling wood fired oven that bakes the satisfying selection of pizzas from the menu.  Pizzas bake at between 700 and 800 degrees, and at peak performance the oven can turn out 100 wood fired pizzas in just one hour.  The mixture of pecan, cherry, and apple woods burn extremely hot to get a crispy crust, and add a subtle wood fired flavor to your pizza.  Chef Justin's favorite is the House Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Pizza, which goes perfectly with a Bianco wine on tap at the bar.


Next to the wood fired oven is the eye catching red Sambonet Rotisserie.  Though it isn't Italian, this kitchen instrument is a small nod to Executive Chef Bertrand Bouquin and his French roots.  For dinner the rotisserie is full of whole chickens roasting in the blue flames.  Chef Justin shares that it is the low and slow cooking that gives the chicken a crispy skin and melt-in-your-mouth tender meat.  In the bottom, baby potatoes rest after being oven roasted to catch the flavorful drippings from the chicken for a savory side dish.

If wood fired pizzas, Parma prosciutto, and rotisserie chicken aren't enough to spark your appetite, Ristorante del Lago also makes fresh pasta with our very own Pama Roma pasta machine.  Dough ingredients are added to the top of the machine, where they are mixed to a consistency similar to that of wet sand.  Chef Justin then attaches the appropriate die to the front of the machine and allows the dough to be forced through the form to make pastas of all sizes.  The pasta maker can also make and fill raviolis, and cut sheets of pasta into any size strand!  After it is cut, the pasta briefly air dries before being stored in the refrigerator to maintain the proper humidity level.


To cook the pasta, Chef Justin places it in the Pasta Dipper where it takes a quick bath in boiling water.  He then adds your favorite meats and sauces for the perfect Italian dish!  The portion sizes of Ristorante del Lago allow you to sample several courses so you can taste how well these gadgets work for yourself!

RDL pasta2med

Don't forget to leave room for dessert!  To finish your meal Ristorante del Lago offers classic Italian desserts like tiramisu and house-made gelato.
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