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Sweet Job: Pastry Chef Adam Thomas

06/19/2015 Tagged as: Uncategorized
It may seem crazy but, they are just like us. The executive chefs here at The Broadmoor may know kitchen etiquette better, their dishes a little more creative, but they have already admitted it: even they burn chocolate. Yes, chocolate is a little harder to work with than my past of burning that chicken I was simply baking in the oven. Hearing that did make me feel a little bit better, though.

Having learned from chefs at Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Ray as an apprentice and working in hotels all over the world, he’s had the training for it. From Capella Hotels Singapore and Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire, to the Bahamas and Ireland, not only is he trained in the kitchen, but also has the worldly experience.

Chef Adam Thomas wasn’t always Chef Adam Thomas. Kids will be kids, and we all know that when we were little, our sweet tooth was uncontrollable. Not saying they are under control now (speaking for myself…) but we didn’t know any better when we were young! Thomas’ love for chocolate took another level.


He said growing up, his influence was Jacques Torres. This star chef was a chocolate connoisseur who had a show that Chef Thomas would watch. Thomas would take notes while watching, something I can barely do in school, let alone take notes by choice. If that’s not dedication, I’m not sure what is.

Jacques Torres - Chocolatier


Believe it or not, chefs at the Broadmoor do get time off. When not working, Chef Adam likes to cook up
anything with his “Ex-Chef Wife.” Have to get that wording correct. He claims she’s the best chef he knows! It’s a treat, because he doesn’t have to cook much at home. Not to leave out his 9-month-old daughter, who he says he spends most of his time off with. Lucky girl gets to have a Pastry Chef for a dad!

Though I’m sure we’d all love a diet consisting of sweets, Executive Chef Bertrand Bouquin ensures we also eat our vegetables like the responsible adults we all try to be. Check back next week to get to know this chef at The Broadmoor!

Chad Chisholm - Pumpkin Pie.Cranberry Gel, Pumpkin Parfait, Pie Dough Tuile
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