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10/30/2014 Tagged as: Dining, Events

We first had the pleasure of working with Sissy when Summit opened and she came out to do her video blog of the opening.  It was quite exciting at the time, as the term "social media" was still in its infancy.  Welcome back to The Broadmoor Sissy!


The Taste and Savor Questionnaire - Chefs



Describe your cooking philosophy in one sentence:
What looks good at the market that I can still make well for the family at home!


What is your earliest food memory?
Earliest:  The ground beef casserole with Campbell’s Mushroom Soup.  It is an important memory because it traveled with us from the US (Minneapolis, Minnesota) to the UK (Green Street, London) when my parents were divorcing so it was the ultimate comfort food and touch point for the five, uprooted, Cargill kids.    But in those days, finding Campbell’s Mushroom Soup in London meant a hunt or access to a US Commissary or—better yet—an improvised version with crème fraiche.   Not sure which it turned out to be that turned out that casserole, but was a sigh of relief for us all when it landed on the table.

Next:  My mother’s meat sauce in an electric frying pan skillet that she could let simmer as she went off on an evening and I could ladle into the bowls.  Maybe there is a pattern here, but we had saucy stuff that served the brood.  To this day, I also make a meat sauce in my All Clad that is a family fave.  OK, maybe Heinz’s ketchup is still a sneaky ingredient today!   Obviously, we have no Italian ingredient.


Who is or was your biggest culinary influence?
Hosting “Ready, Set, Cook!” on Food Network back in the early days of the network catapulted me into a mix of chefs into new television content.  That first day in front of that camera, I stood between Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten and Chef Michael Lomonaco—neither of whom I had ever heard of—nor had America….and…(humbly I write this) the era of the celebrity chef began in earnest.  I am proud of the time I was at the helm of that show—not just for the first cooking competition on television we turned out on a dime on a few burners—but for the chance I had to realize I had a natural appetite and ability to recognize and share culinary content with the viewers.  That experience followed me into restaurants and into my home kitchen.

Name your favorite food city and why.

sissy biggers sundae

What food item or dish is your guilty pleasure?
Dairy Queen Hot Fudge Sundae on a swirl in a cup with chopped nuts.

After a long day, do you prefer wine, beer or a cocktail?
Sauvignon Blanc from CALIFORNIA! 

What is your ultimate day off meal?


We are empty nesters…so I can always be off duty.  I do love a proper pizza in a variety of styles. What makes it a “day off” is that my husband is obviously out of town when I indulge in that slice!

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