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The Wilderness Experience Part 2: The Taste of Fall


Imagine spending a relaxing weekend in the cool autumn air of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to the Broadmoor’s Wilderness Experience properties, guests can now escape to the mountains in luxury.

Emerald Valley Ranch is one of the Broadmoor’s main mountain getaways. Tucked away in the heart of the Front Range, the Ranch provides endless opportunities for adventure, including mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and archery.
Cloud Camp is a luxurious lodge locate 3,000 feet above the Broadmoor. This quiet retreat above the clouds provides breathtaking views of the Front Range, and the city of Colorado Springs.

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As the Rocky Mountains continue to be plunged into the autumn months, both Cloud Camp and Emerald Valley Ranch provide perfect escapes from the chilly air, without sacrificing the rugged appeal of the mountains. Rustic décor, stone fireplaces, an on-site bar, and wholesome meals provide guests with all the warmth that they could possibly need.


As the head chef of both wilderness locations, Jonathan Frakes understands the importance of creating dishes that are simple, elegant, and seasonal. “Simplicity is key,” states Frakes. “The more flavor you get out of a raw product, the better."


The majority of Frakes’ ingredients are all-natural products that can be found seasonally throughout Colorado. Both at home and in his professional life, Chef Frakes loves to experiment with the flavors of fresh meats and vegetables.


Each wilderness location has four menus that it cycles through every week in order to provide guests with a variety of foods and flavors. Now that Chef Frakes and his team are fully transitioned into fall, their menus include the hearty root vegetables and squash of the season. Furthermore, Chef Frakes has replaced his chilled soups with rich, creamy, warm soups.

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The staff at Emerald Valley Ranch and Cloud Camp go the extra mile to give their guests a relaxing, memorable experience. From the warm, homemade cinnamon rolls, to the friendly smiles of the staff-members, the true wilderness experience may be found in the details.

If you love the idea of a weekend surrounded by fresh air, warm fireplaces, and tastefully simple meals, take this opportunity to book your stay at one of the Broadmoor’s Wilderness Experience locations. Take advantage of our 10% discounted rates between now and November 1st to close out this season, or start planning for next season opening May 1, 2016:

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