The Broadmoor Historical Timeline, From 1865 to Present.

Spencer Penrose Wearing A Suit And Tie

Spencer Penrose is Born


A Man Wearing A Hat

Count Pourtales partners with Broadmoor Dairy


Diagram, Engineering Drawing

Count Pourtales formed the Broadmoor Land


A Building With A Large Front Yard

Broadmoor Casino burns down


A Close Up Of A Person

Julie Penrose's first husband dies


Spencer Penrose Et Al. Posing For A Picture

Spencer Penrose Marries


A Vintage Photo Of An Old Building

Spencer Penrose buys El Pomar estate


A Road With A Building On The Side

Refusal of the antlers purchase


A Group Of People Walking On A Stone Path With A Dog

Spencer penrose purchases the broadmoor


Donald Ross Wearing A Suit And Hat

announcement of a designed golf course


Diagram, Engineering Drawing

architectural plans of the broadmoor are received


A Room With Tables And Chairs

private opening with a guest celebrity


A Large Building With A Tower

the broadmoor hotel formally opens


A Large Crowd Of People Standing On Top Of A Mountain

the first golf course opens


A Book With A Picture Of A Building And Mountains

copyright for the broadmoor's name


A Building With A Mountain In The Background

the pauline chapel is formally dedicated


Spencer Penrose Posing For The Camera

maxfield parrish's painting agreement


A Building With A Large Tower And Mountains In The Background

the painting's arrival


A Body Of Water Surrounded By Trees

pikes peak camping & mountain trails association is formed


A Car Driving On A Road

cheyenne mountain road to summit construction begins


A Group Of People On A Boat In The Water

the original cheyenne mountain lodge opens


A Vintage Photo Of A Dry Grass Field

The original riding academy opens


A Group Of People In A Room

announcement for improvements to the hotel


A Vintage Photo Of A Large Body Of Water

the will rogers shrine of the sun is dedicated


A Building With A Dome Roof By A Body Of Water

construction of a stadium is announced


A Bridge Over A Body Of Water

conversion of the riding area begins


A Group Of People On A Train

gift of the cheyenne mountain zoo


A Man Wearing A Hat

the death of spencer penrose


A Wooden Bench Sitting On Top Of A Lush Green Forest

the gift of camp vigil


Diagram, Engineering Drawing

The completion of two wings


A Group Of People Standing In Front Of A Building

the first year round swimming pool opens


A Room With Tables And Chairs

Newly designed dining area in the tavern opens


A Room That Has A Sign On The Side Of A Building

an escalator is installed in the lobby


A Person Posing For The Camera

julie penrose dies


A Ski Lift Is In The Snow

ski broadmoor is dedicated


The broadmoor earns 5 star award


A Room Filled With Furniture And A Piano

the opening of the golden bee


A Large Room With Glass Walls

the closing of the indoor pool


A Building With Trees In Front Of It

the opening of the south tower building


A Room Filled With Furniture And Vase Of Flowers On A Table

Penrose room opens


Remodel of the lobby begins


A Large Stone Building

the will rogers penrose stadium is torn down


A Castle With A Mountain In The Background

ceremony for the west building begins


the broadmoor earns AAA five-diamond award


A Large Building

the colorado hall opens


A Man Wearing A Suit And Tie

the hotel is sold to edward gaylord


A Group Of People Standing In Front Of A Building

The world arena is torn down


A Flock Of Birds Flying Over A City

new additions to the broadmoor


A Sign On The Side Of A Building

changes to the world arena and a new opening


A Large Body Of Water With A Mountain In The Background

a new walking bridge connects the east and west


A Room With Tables And Chairs

renovations and remodeling at the west building


A Group Of People Standing Next To A Body Of Water

cheyenne lake gets addition of new water complex


A Living Room Filled With Furniture And A Fire Place

completion of new 21 room lakeside suites


A Clock On The Side Of A Building

broadmoor main closes again for renovations


A Castle On Top Of A Grass Covered Field With The Broadmoor In The Background

broadmoor main building opens again


A Group Of People Sitting At Night

Cheyenne lodge opens


A View Of A Lush Green Field With Khajjiar Lake In The Background

nicklaus design will renovate mountain course


A Large Brick Building

oklahoma publishing company purchases remaining interest


A Building With A Tiled Wall

expansion of the spa at the broadmoor


A Group Of People Sitting At A Train Station

the opening of broadmoor hall


A Large Brick Building

the broadmoor brownstones open


A Dining Table In A Restaurant

The opening of summit restaurant


A Large Building With A Grassy Field

The broadmoor west residences open


A Bedroom With A Bed And A Chair In A Room

the broadmoor south tower and penrose room renovations are completed


A Room Filled With Furniture And A Large Window

AAA five diamond award for the penrose room


Living room with chess set and patio view with golf course in the background at the Broadmoor

construction of the broadmoor cottages begins


A Living Room Filled With Furniture And A Fire Place

opening of the broadmoor cottages


Broadmoor Spa Mountain room with comfy chairs and paintings on wall to admire

the broadmoor's high ratings continue


A Large Clock Tower In The Middle Of A Field With The Broadmoor In The Background

anschutz corporation of denver purchases the broadmoor


A Group Of People Sitting At A Table In Front Of A Building

major renovations to the broadmoor


A Bedroom With A Large Bed In A Hotel Room

renovations to the southlake building


A Dining Room Table

reimagining our restaurants - LA Taverne


A Boy Sitting In A Living Room

play at the broadmoor


A Dining Room Table In Front Of A Building

Golden bee upstairs patio addition


A Castle Like Building In A City

reimagining of broadmoor west


A Large Building With A Clock On A Table

reimagining of broadmoor west - new lobby


A Dining Room Table

reimagining of broadmoor west - Ristorante del lago


A Room Filled With Furniture And A Large Window

reimagining of broadmoor west - Natural Epicurean


A View Of A City With A Mountain In The Background

cloud camp opens


A Garden With Water In The Background

The ranch at emerald valley opens


A Large Waterfall Over A Rocky Cliff

seven falls opens


A House With Bushes In Front Of A Large Rock

the overlook at cloud camp opens


A Large Lawn In Front Of A Building

the fly fishing camp opens


A Large Building With A Grassy Field

the broadmoor estate house opens


A View Of A Beach Next To A Body Of Water

the broadmoor sea island company forms


A Castle With A Clock At The Top Of A Building

the broadmoor centennial celebration


A Crowd Of People At A Park

the broadmoor hosts the 2018 U.s. senior open


The Roof Of A House

opening of bartolin hall


A Group Of People Sitting At A Train Station

pikes peak cog railway reopens


Spencer Penrose is born in Philadelphia to Richard and Sarah Penrose.

Prussian Count James Pourtales came west to seek romance and fortune, and brought his knowledge of German scientific farming to Colorado Springs. He began a partnership with William Wilcox’s Broadmoor Dairy.

Count Pourtales formed the Broadmoor Land and Investment Company, purchased the original 2,400-acre tract and constructed Cheyenne Lake to create an upper-class suburb of Colorado Springs with numerous amenities to include a Casino.

The original Broadmoor Casino totally burned down. The casino was replaced within a year with a less grand structure.

Julie Penrose’s first husband, James MacMillan, dies from complications of tuberculosis.

Spencer Penrose and Julie Villiers Lewis McMillan are married in London.

Spencer Penrose buys El Pomar estate from Grace Goodyear Potter.

Spencer Penrose and partner Charles MacNeill offer to buy the Antlers for $125,000, but the offer is refused.

Spencer Penrose purchased the 40-acre site of The Broadmoor Casino and Hotel and adjoining 450 acres for $90,000 from the Stratton estate.

Spencer Penrose announces that a golf course to be professionally designed by Donald Ross will be part of the new hotel.

The plans for the Broadmoor hotel are received from the architectural firm of Warren & Wetmore for the approval of Spencer Penrose.

At the private opening of the hotel 400 guests dance from 7:30 pm till midnight to the sounds of the Boxhorn Orchestra. John D. Rockefeller is to be the first celebrity guest, though paint fumes cause him to move to the Antlers to sleep.

The Broadmoor Hotel formally opens its doors to Colorado society with a dinner and dance that draws hundreds.

The first golf course at The Broadmoor opened on July 4, 1918 when the first important golf match to be held in Colorado Springs was played on the new course. That match was a fund raiser for Red Cross.

Copyright registration of the little raised "A" is completed. The raised "A" in The Broadmoor’s name came about in order to render the name unique, since the name Broadmoor had been in use since the late 1800's and therefore could not be copyrighted.

The Pauline Chapel is formally dedicated by Denver Bishop, Henry Tihen and Monsignor Joseph Bosetti.

In a letter to Maxfield Parrish, Spencer Penrose outlines an agreement to paint a picture of hotel. Penrose asked Parrish to paint an idealized version of the hotel placing the hotel on the opposite side of the lake showing its best features all integrated into one view.

A letter from Spencer Penrose to Maxfield Parrish acknowledges that his painting of the hotel arrived safely. Parish was paid $2,000 dollars for the painting and $100 in expenses.

Spencer Penrose purchases Camp Vigil (now Emerald Valley) from the Girl Scouts and forms “Pikes Peak Camping & Mountain Trails Association” creating a subscription membership club. Included in the club were Claude Boettcher, Carl Pforzheimer and Henry Blackmer.

Construction begins on Cheyenne Mountain Road to summit. The cost for construction was $350,000. The 7 mile long Cheyenne Mountain Highway, named the Wonder Road was a feat of engineering skill. Constructed at a cost of $400,000 the 7 mile length is encompassed within a 1 ¼ sq. mile area and rises over 3,000 feet from an elevation of 6,500 feet at the start to 9,560 feet at the summit. It was featured in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” as the most crooked highway up the steepest mountain.

The original Cheyenne Mountain Lodge, built by Spencer Penrose, was located above the Shrine of the Sun at the summit of Cheyenne Mountain When it opened it featured a restaurant, dance floor, curio shop and 4 rooms for rent. It was closed in 1961.The road was closed above the Shrine in 1968. The building was subsequently demolished in 1976.

The original “Riding Academy” is opened and dedicated. The academy was converted to the ice arena in 1938

Spencer Penrose announces improvements for the hotel to include a new dining area, grillroom (later it will become the Tavern), drugstore with fountain and rearrangement of the offices.

The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun is dedicated on Cheyenne Mountain. Early plans were for the tower to simply be the final resting place of Spencer Penrose. Penrose later changed the name in honor of Will Rogers, who died in a plane crash shortly before the shrine was completed.

Spencer Penrose announces the construction of a stadium to be used for outdoor sports and the Colorado Springs Rodeo. This stadium originally stood were West is today. It was torn down in 1976.

Construction begins on the conversion of the riding arena to a new Ice Palace for skating.

Spencer Penrose announces the gift of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to the city of Colorado Springs at the 2nd Annual Will Rogers Rodeo (later The Pikes Pike or Bust Rodeo) held at the new “Will Rogers Stadium”.

Spencer Penrose died at 74 years old at his home, El Pomar. The Gazette –Telegraph newspaper lamented the loss of the Pikes Peak region’s “greatest builder and benefactor of the last quarter century”.

Pikes Peak Camping and Mountain Trails Association gives Camp Vigil (Emerald Valley), owned by the late Spencer Penrose, to the community as a gift to be operated for youth agencies.

The NorthEastmoor and Southeastmoor wings are completed.

The first year round outdoor swimming pool was opened. This outdoor pool was removed in 2000 to make way for the new Lakeside suites and infinity pool.

A beautiful new dining area in the Tavern featuring a modernized version of ancient Mayan designs is open. The “Mask Panels” consisting of a pair of eyes and an elephant-like snout, as well as entwining serpents and a basket weave are the predominant designs.

The escalator between the lobby and mezzanine floor was installed to improve service between the two areas.

Julie Penrose dies at the age of 85. She is buried next to her husband, Spencer Penrose, at the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun.

Ski Broadmoor is dedicated. It is a pioneer of innovation, boasting lights for night skiing and a $200,000 snow making machine known as the “Phenomenal Snowman”, the first of its kind west of the Mississippi. A double chair lift can carry 600 people an hour.

It is announced that The Broadmoor earns the 5 Star Award for the first time.

The Golden Bee opens to the public. The interior is of solid African mahogany and was shipped in pieces to the hotel.

The Indoor Pool closes. When opened in 1918, its 35 x 80 ft. made it the largest indoor pool in the West. Private dressing rooms were provided for both men and women, and a professional swimming teacher was always on duty

The South tower building opens rooms to its first 150 guests.

Penrose Room opens

Remodel of lobby is begun to accommodate the expansion of Drugstore, front desk, and include a manager’s office. Steel columns will be placed in the bed of the pool to support new flooring above which would become the site of the relocated Drugstore. Today the blue and white ceramic tile pool still exists under the floor of Expresso, the Signature shop and Cheyenne Gourmet.

The Will Rogers Penrose Stadium is torn down to begin construction of the new West building.

A ground breaking ceremony is held for the beginning of construction on the original West building.

It is announced that The Broadmoor earns the AAA Five-Diamond Award for the first time.

Colorado Hall containing 18,000 sq. ft. of meeting and exhibit space is opened. The new addition enables the Broadmoor to offer convention groups over 100,000 sq. ft. of space providing the most modern function area of any resort in the world.

Hotel is sold to Edward Gaylord, Oklahoma Publishing.

The World Arena, formally the Ice Palace, built in 1938 is torn down to make way for the new Broadmoor West Tower.

The Broadmoor adds new Golf, Spa and Tennis facility and Rocky Mountain Ballroom.

West Tower replaces former Broadmoor World Arena skating facility, which moves 3 miles east and is now the Colorado Springs World Arena and Ice Hall. the new Broadmoor Spa, Golf and Tennis Club is opened.

Walking bridge spanning the lake and connecting the east and west sides of The Broadmoor complex is added.

The BROADMOOR West building, including Charles Court restaurant, is renovated and remodeled.

A new water complex is added to the north end of Cheyenne Lake including a zero-entry infinity swimming pool, mountain-like water slides, two 14-person hot tubs, private cabanas and a seasonal pool café.

The new 21-room Lakeside Suites building is completed on the site of the old Main pool. Most suites have gas fireplaces and unobstructed views of the lake and mountains.

BROADMOOR Main is closed for the second time in history to undergo major renovations.

BROADMOOR Main Building opens after a total restoration and renovation. Original artwork is restored on ceilings and walls; two guest elevators are added; rooms are redesigned with five-fixture baths and a host of state-of-the-art services and amenities.

Former Mountain Course club building reopens as Cheyenne Lodge with spectacular vistas for private functions.

Nicklaus Design chosen for renovation of Mountain course (formally South)

Oklahoma Publishing Company purchases the remaining interest to become a sole proprietorship. purchases the remaining interest to become a sole proprietorship.

The Spa at The BROADMOOR is expanded to 43,000 sq ft. with the addition of 10 new treatment rooms, two exclusive water treatments, the Serenity Shower and the Tranquility Tub, and a total redesign of the existing space, all created by master architect TAG Galyean.

Broadmoor Hall opened in October 2005, adding a 60,000 sq. ft. pillar-less and fully carpeted ballroom capable of holding up to 6,550 people theater-style. Underground parking is added to the Hall, holding 950 vehicles.

The Brownstones, 19 private residences, open in October, across from the Golf Club.

The Broadmoor’s new restaurant Summit, designed by internationally renowned architect Adam D. Tihany, hosts its VIP grand opening at 7:00pm.

Broadmoor West Residences, located along the second fairway of the West Course, open in the spring. These 33 units are privately owned and feature many hotel amenities as part of the purchase.

Renovation of Broadmoor South Tower and Penrose Room is completed in May. Features include all new rooms, many with balconies and “Juliet” balconies, flat screen TVs, and state-of-the-art control panels for everything from lights to curtains. Eight additional retail shops open in May, bringing the total of specialty stores and boutiques to 25.

It is announced that the Penrose Room wins the AAA five diamond award for 2008. This is the first restaurant in Colorado to receive this award.

Construction of The Cottages begins in August. Situated along the 18th fairway of the East Golf Course, five 8-bedroom and one 4-bedroom cottages are planned.

Broadmoor Cottages open May 8. The Cottages bring the total accommodation space to 744 units, including 107 suites and 44 cottage bedrooms.

The Broadmoor receives Forbes Five-Star ratings for its 50th consecutive year, and the AAA Five-Diamond rating for the 34th consecutive year. The Penrose Room and the Spa at The Broadmoor each received their first Five Star rating.

Anschutz Corporation of Denver purchases all businesses of Oklahoma Publishing, including The Broadmoor. Mr. Philip Anschutz becomes only the third owner in the resort’s 93 year history.

Southeastmoor and Northeastmoor undergo major renovations to the exterior, guest rooms, and public areas. The Broadmoor's specialty retail shops expand yet again with the opening of the Children's Shop in July and the Christmas Shop in late fall.

Southlake building, part of the original Broadmoor Hotel, remodeled and improved, adding balconies and enhancements to all rooms and suites.

The Tavern restaurant changed its name to La Taverne and introduced an impressive new European-style conservatory atrium called Le Jardin, along with a new design for the former Mayan Room, now called Entre Deux. Both pay homage to the original intent of the Tavern which was to display the lithographs and posters of Toulouse Lautrec.

A variety of renovations were completed in April 2013, including a new restaurant in Broadmoor West called “PLAY,” that includes not only a unique twist to traditional bowling food, but also sports six lanes of bowling. This is the perfect addition for family fun and high energy entertainment.

The Golden Bee pub, a popular dining destination for locals and guests, was expanded, doubling the interior capacity while adding a new, tented rooftop garden with food and beverage service. The expansion also includes a new façade that mirrors the traditional 19th century pubs of Great Britain.

A three-story addition to the Broadmoor West building adds 31 guestrooms and suites, bringing The Broadmoor’s total guestroom count to 779. All rooms and suites feature new five-fixture marble baths, lighting, and furnishings. The Broadmoor’s new Parker Suite features four bedrooms and views of Cheyenne Mountain, while amenities on the all-suite 7th floor include fireplaces, private terraces, and expansive views.

The Broadmoor West lobby is completely redone in cherry wood, along with stained glass skylights, marble floors, and detailed millwork, creating a refined appearance that harmonizes with the rest of the property’s interior façade, while the entry drive and porte-cochere of Broadmoor West is transformed with Greek mythological sculptures and intricately painted ceiling art.

Ristorante del Lago, an Adam D. Tihany - designed Italian restaurant replaces Charles Court. Inspired by the classic villas of Lake Como, the restaurant features authentic Italian cuisine with a focus on regional specialties. Bar del Lago replaces West Lobby Bar. Exposed wooden beams, an indoor / outdoor fireplace, and a patio overlooking Cheyenne Lake create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere.

Natural Epicurean opens in an expanded area that formerly housed Café Julie. The restaurant is conceived on four words: Healthy, Wholesome, Organic, and Natural, and features sustainable hardwood floors, and classic butcher block tables, along with an enlarged outdoor seating area overlooking the mountains.

3,000 feet above the resort atop Cheyenne Mountain, Cloud Camp opens on the site of Spencer Penrose’s original 1927 Cheyenne Lodge. The Main Lodge features a panoramic dining area, two stone fireplaces and an expansive timber wrap-around deck, and seven guestrooms, including a Honeymoon Suite. Eleven cabins offer single room accommodations, ones with lofts and also two bedrooms. A Fire Tower Suite 300 feet above the Main Lodge boasts 360o views.

This all-inclusive enclave is located approximately eight miles from the main campus along Old Stage Road and borders the edge of the Pike National Forest. Ten beautifully restored and luxuriously appointed cabins feature gas fireplaces and private decks. The Main Lodge is for dining and relaxing. It features a historic Western bar, stone fireplace and a deck that overlooks the lakes. Activities include hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, canoeing, archery and other daily activities.

Mr. Philip Anschutz and The Broadmoor agree to purchase “Seven Falls” scenic attraction from the Hill family. A total renovation was completed and the addition of Restaurant 1858 and Soaring Adventure zip-lining experience now provide complimentary shuttle service to the falls from The Broadmoor.

Cloud Camp adds Overlook, a 1500 sq. ft. building designed to accommodate receptions, small meetings and small destination weddings. The views look towards Pikes Peak and up the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and to the east all the way to the Kansas border on a clear day.

Located just 75 minutes into the mountains west of the resort, the all-inclusive Fly Fishing Camp features seven rustic yet well-appointed cabins originally built in the 1920s, an expansive new and beautifully appointed bath house, a Fish House overlooking the Tarryall River, and a main lodge where guests relax and dine. Five miles of private waters offer guests of all levels some of the best fly fishing in Colorado guided by Broadmoor’s best professional anglers.

This breathtaking 12,000-square-foot historic residence has been entirely reimagined and outfitted in traditional Broadmoor style. The original house was designed by renowned architect Thomas MacLaren in the late 1920's, and then expanded into this exquisite 1930's sanctuary just steps from the Resort's campus.

The Broadmoor - Sea Island Company forms to head combined ownership of The Broadmoor and Sea Island Resorts.

The Broadmoor celebrates its Centennial with a year-long tribute to Spencer and Julie Penrose. In June, the hotel hosts a weekend of parties that includes a Prohibition theme and a gala dinner dance.

The world's best competed for one of golf's greatest titles at The Broadmoor Golf Club, The U.S. Senior Open Championship. The 39th U.S. Senior Open was the eighth USGA Championship contested at the Broadmoor in its rich history.

In 2020, The Broadmoor welcomed the new 125,000-square-foot Bartolin Hall, an addition to the existing Broadmoor Hall, International Center, and Colorado Hall, to form the "Convention Center at The Broadmoor."

The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway reopens in May after a three-year, $100 million rebuild. On June 30, hundreds of media members, city and state officials and other supporters made the trek up the 14,115-foot mountain to take part in a grand reopening celebration.