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View of the Mountains surrounding the Broadmoor

Broadmoor Outfitters

The ultimate Colorado adventure awaits at The Broadmoor Outfitters. Our historic resort is your personal guide to the natural beauty and exhilarating activities that have become synonymous with the American West. All of our outdoor experiences include personalized instruction with a seasoned professional, as well as all the equipment you need to enjoy the timeless wonder of our beautiful surroundings. Whether you prefer the thrill of rock climbing and mountain biking, want to enjoy family-friendly activities such as laser tag and scavenger hunts, or wish to try something entirely new like falconry or geocaching, the experts at Broadmoor Outfitters will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us at 719.208.3568.

Broadmoor Outfitters

Your Guide to Incredible Colorado Adventures

Fly Fishing at the Broadmoor Photo
Fly Fishing
Experience the allure of the Rockies in a pair of waders with a rod in hand. The Broadmoor's fly fishing excursions include professional instruction and personalized attention tailored to your skill level.
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Soaring Adventures
Soaring Adventures

Elevate your perspective and experience the thrill of zip-lining above a series of waterfalls, lush valleys and rock formations known as "The Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado".

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Falconry Photo
Feel the thrill of working with these majestic birds of prey against the backdrop of one of the most scenic areas in the country – a truly once in a lifetime experience.
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Colorado Hiking Excursions Photo
Experience the beauty of Garden of the Gods, the serenity of Cheyenne Cañon or climb to the summit Pikes Peak with seasoned guides ready to introduce you to the area’s unique wildlife and terrain.
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Horseback Riding Photo
Horseback Riding
Enjoy authentic western horseback riding against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Horseback riding experiences are available for all ages and skill levels with our professional guides.
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Rock Climbing Photo
Rock Climbing
Feel the rush of altitude as you participate in our Vertical Challenge, a half-day experience that includes climbing local hot spots while learning about safety, knots, and belay techniques.
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Geocaching Photo
Put your navigational and detective skills to the test with this fun-filled GPS based scavenger hunt, where groups must work together to answer the clues and complete the quest.
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Mountain Biking Adventure Photo
Mountain Biking
Let our trained guides escort you on an adventurous trek through the Garden of The Gods and historic Gold Camp Road, or rent a mountain bike for personal exploration.
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What Our Guests Are Saying
"...our guides were patient and knowledgeable which really helped since we had so many levels of hikers..."
— Linda M. - Guest Comment Card
"...we had heard that falconry was an option, but had no idea of the extent of experience it would be. UNREAL and a must do! "
— John - Google+
"...the fly fishing at the Fish House on the golf course lake was better than we thought and we CAUGHT fish."
— Cathryn B. - Facebook