Art and History Campus Map

Click on a category to explore artwork and historically-significant locations at The Broadmoor.

The artwork on display at The Broadmoor is a mix of original works of art and high-quality giclee reproductions of original works in the collection of the American Museum of Western Art – The Anschutz Collection in Denver.


    • Indian Rescue by Asher B. Durand

    • Children of the Mountain by Thomas Moran

    • The Cliffs of the Green River Wyoming Territory by Thomas Moran

    • Mountain View from the Terrace, Toward Seven Falls, and West and the Mountains Beyond by Maxfield Pa

    • The Lost Greenhorn by Alfred Jacob Miller

    • View of Pikes Peak, Family Life on the Frontier, and Pioneers in Camp by George Caleb Bingham

    • Trappers at Fault – Looking for the Trail by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

    • Trapper’s Last Shot by William Tylee Ranney

    • The Broadmoor by Maxfield Parrish


    • Church at Rancho de Taos by Ernest L. Blumenschein

    • The Family by Oscar E. Berninghaus

    • Vivian on Pet by William (Buck) Dunton

    • The Gathering of the Herds by William Jacob Hayes

    • The Sheepherder by Thomas Hart Benton

    • Desert Journey by Maynard Dixon

    • The Stagecoach by John Gutzon Borglum

    • Portrait of Mabel Dodge Luhan by Nicolai Fechin

    • Autumn Symphony by Sven Birger Sandzen


    • Wind River by Albert Bierstadt

    • The Crows Attempting to Provoke an Attack on the Whites by Alfred Jacob Miller

    • Oregon Trail by Albert Bierstadt

    • The Last of the Mohicans by Emanuel Leutze

    • The Coming of the Firehorse by Henry Farny

    • Chief Spotted Tail by Henry Farny

    • In Safe Hands by Charles Schreyvogel

    • The Cinch Ring by Charles Russell

    • Lewis & Clark Viewing of Great Falls by Charles Russell


    • Buildings
      • Broadmoor Hall

      • Penrose Heritage Museum

      • Cottages

      • South Tower

      • Pauline Chapel

      • West Building

      • Main Building

      • West Tower

      • Lakeside Suites

      • El Pomar

    • Significant Places
      • Front Garden Fountain

      • Largest Indoor Swimming Pool

      • Main Lobby

      • Bottle Alley

      • Escalator

      • Maxfield Parrish Paintings

      • Dancer’s Feet

      • Champagne Christening

      • Pompeiian Room

      • Main Ballroom

      • Pourtales Library

      • Hotel Bar

      • Spa

      • Skate Bench

      • Outdoor Swimming Pool

      • El Pomar Foundation

      • The Broadmoor Photo Gallery

    • Past History
      • First Golf Course

      • Gas Station/Greenhouse

      • Broadmoor Stables/Polo Fields

      • Hundred Million Dollar Hotel Group

      • Sea Lions

      • Colonial Club

      • Golf Club Pool

      • The Broadmoor World Arena

      • Will Rogers Stadium

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