We are pleased to announce that The Broadmoor will reopen its doors to our overnight and local guests on Sunday, June 28, 2020. Select restaurants, activities and offerings will reopen accordingly, in phases, as business levels and State and Federal requirements allow.

As we celebrate the resort’s 102nd birthday, The Broadmoor Family looks forward to serving everyone once again.

Art and History Campus Map

Click on a category to explore artwork and historically-significant locations at The Broadmoor.

Some of the classic and modern masterpieces on display are reproductions from the core of the Anschutz Collection at Denver’s American Museum of Western Art.


    • Indian Rescue by Asher B. Durand

    • Children of the Mountain by Thomas Moran

    • The Cliffs of the Green River Wyoming Territory by Thomas Moran

    • Mountain View from the Terrace, Toward Seven Falls, and West and the Mountains Beyond by Maxfield Parrish

    • The Lost Greenhorn by Alfred Jacob Miller

    • View of Pikes Peak, Family Life on the Frontier, and Pioneers in Camp by George Caleb Bingham

    • Trappers at Fault – Looking for the Trail by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

    • Trapper’s Last Shot by William Tylee Ranney

    • The Broadmoor by Maxfield Parrish


    • Church at Rancho de Taos by Ernest L. Blumenschein

    • The Family by Oscar E. Berninghaus

    • Vivian on Pet by William (Buck) Dunton

    • The Gathering of the Herds by William Jacob Hayes

    • The Sheepherder by Thomas Hart Benton

    • Desert Journey by Maynard Dixon

    • The Stagecoach by John Gutzon Borglum

    • Portrait of Mabel Dodge Luhan by Nicolai Fechin

    • Autumn Symphony by Sven Birger Sandzen


    • Wind River by Albert Bierstadt

    • The Crows Attempting to Provoke an Attack on the Whites by Alfred Jacob Miller

    • Oregon Trail by Albert Bierstadt

    • The Last of the Mohicans by Emanuel Leutze

    • The Coming of the Firehorse by Henry Farny

    • Chief Spotted Tail by Henry Farny

    • In Safe Hands by Charles Schreyvogel

    • The Cinch Ring by Charles Russell

    • Lewis & Clark Viewing of Great Falls by Charles Russell


    • Buildings
      • Broadmoor Hall

      • Penrose Heritage Museum

      • Cottages

      • South Tower

      • Pauline Chapel

      • West Building

      • Main Building

      • West Tower

      • Lakeside Suites

      • El Pomar

    • Significant Places
      • Front Garden Fountain

      • Largest Indoor Swimming Pool

      • Main Lobby

      • Bottle Alley

      • Escalator

      • Maxfield Parrish Paintings

      • Dancer’s Feet

      • Champagne Christening

      • Pompeiian Room

      • Main Ballroom

      • Pourtales Library

      • Hotel Bar

      • Spa

      • Skate Bench

      • Outdoor Swimming Pool

      • El Pomar Foundation

      • The Broadmoor Photo Gallery

    • Past History
      • First Golf Course

      • Gas Station/Greenhouse

      • Broadmoor Stables/Polo Fields

      • Hundred Million Dollar Hotel Group

      • Sea Lions

      • Colonial Club

      • Golf Club Pool

      • The Broadmoor World Arena

      • Will Rogers Stadium

What Our Guests Are Saying
"The classiest hotel I have ever stayed at. "
— Sammymadison - Trip Advisor
"Beautiful resort, the most incredible service we've ever experienced, all with amazing scenery as well?! What's not to love? "
— Jennifer C. - Facebook
"Awesome doesn't even begin to cover The Broadmoor experience. Five-Star service and accommodations. If you haven't been…GO! "
— Joanne F. - Facebook