Golden Nuggets of the Guest Experience

Golden Nuggets in the hospitality industry are key indicators on how to enhance the overall guest experience by adding an element of personalization. A golden nugget is a clue that helps staff members create memorable experiences through the power of observation. For example, a guest is carrying a tennis racket with them during check in. This Tennis Racket is an opportunity for our staff to offer a booking to play on our award-winning Tennis courts that are both indoor and outdoor. The staff member has the opportunity to ask key questions that can incorporate the guest’s love of Tennis into their overall stay.

The nugget essentially sets the tone for creating personalized experiences that guests are sure to enjoy, while giving us the opportunity to impress the guest. These nuggets can also be passed along to other employees that can help with continuing that personalized guest experience. A good example of this would be a Golden Nugget for a Wedding Anniversary that was discovered at check-in at the hotel. Our check-in staff member can then relay the information to our concierge and room service teams to add a small gift of champaign and balloons to the guest room. Another wonderful way to continue the celebration would be to offer a reservation for dinner at one of our many outlets. We can then pass this information along to our outlet. This gives wait staff the chance to offer a fun dessert to help the happy couple celebrate.

Golden Nuggets come in every shape and form; it could be an activity indicator to a special celebration. This is something that you can train your staff on how to identify that is an easy way for us as hotel to enhance the overall guest experience while using the resources that are readily available to us. Golden Nuggets also help show kindness and appreciation to our guests while introducing the “Wow” factor. The small gesture that comes with finding a Golden Nugget will help create retuning guest that inspire spark stories while they recall their stay with you to loved ones for years to come.

The best part about Golden Nuggets is that they can translate to almost any department on your property. They give your entire community the opportunity to enhance the overall guest experience from whichever department they are working with. Everyone has the equal opportunity to go above and beyond to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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