The Broadmoor Culinary Apprenticeship Program is dedicated to the development and mentorship of passionate and engaged culinary professionals throughout the industry. Our goal is give the next generation of our industry the real world, practical knowledge and experience that they need to be leaders in the industry and practitioners of the craft of professional cooking.


An advanced two year program designed to train chefs that have already received a fundamental culinary education. Qualified candidates for enrollment will have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts (or related field of study), or at least 4 years of quality experience cooking in a reputable, profession kitchen accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their chef mentor. Successful apprentices will excel in classical cooking fundamentals, ACF sanctioned competition (2-3 categories), and graduate from the program an emerging leader, capable of working any station in a five star or five diamond resort property around the world. Our goal is to graduate apprentices into Junior Sous Chef roles at The Broadmoor.


24 month long progressive program with a focus on monthly progressive curriculum designed to engage the apprentice, and create a competitive feel to the program. These assignments will allow the apprentice to engage with their chefs & mentors, learn a variety of cooking methods and to accept constructive criticisms throughout the process.

Within the two year program, the apprentice will have 8 each 3 month rotations through:

  • Junior Year - Banquet Garde Manger, Main Kitchen AM Breakfast Buffet & Brunch, Tavern, Main Kitchen Saucier and Hot Line
  • Senior Year-PM Banquets Sauce and Roast, Baking and Pastry, Summit, and Penrose Room

All junior apprentices will be assigned a protein to focus on throughout the year. Monthly, the apprentices will present a terrine, accompanying vegetable or salad, and sauce, based around their assigned protein. The dish will be tasted and critiqued for future showings. During the fourth quarter of the first year, apprentices will present a larger format platter including all three items for 8 people, as well as 8 smaller individual plates, for critic by the chef mentors. As a team, junior apprentices will develop a themed three course lunch menu. Once a month, the apprentices will present their three course menu to the mentor chefs for critique. During the fourth quarter of the first year and culminating with our annual CMC weekend, the junior apprenticeship class will present their three course meal in preparation for advancement into their senior year graduation.

With the assistance of junior class apprentices, all senior apprentices will mentor and work with their junior commis for their senior year assignments. The junior apprentice will assist the senior in any and all assignments that they are given. In turn, the junior apprentice should utilize their senior to gain valuable knowledge and information that they can utilize in their assignments as well. 

All senior apprentices will be assigned two proteins to focus on throughout the year. One protein will be made into a terrine, presented with an accompanying vegetable or salad, along with a sauce. The other protein will be prepared into either a sausage or pate, and also served with an accompanying vegetable or salad, as well as a sauce. Monthly, senior apprentices will present both preparations together, both large and small format, for critique and opportunity to refine their techniques. All senior apprentices will develop a five course dinner menu, to include a dessert. Once a quarter, the apprentices will present their menu in a competition format. 3 hours to cook, chefs to offer critique. The last quarter will be ramped up in an effort to prepare the apprentices for graduation which will coincide with the annual CMC event. 

Graduation will be a weekend event. Day one will be Terrines and Pates/Sausages. A panel of CMC judges will score and judge the apprentice’s work based on ACF rules and regulations. The showing should be open to the apprentice’s families as well as any guests attending the CMC retreat. Day two will be the five course menu cooking competition. The apprentices should prepare food for both the judges and their immediate families, 3 judges, 3 family members, and should also follow the current ACF rules and regulations. Successful graduating senior apprentices will attend the CMC dinner in the Penrose Room. All junior apprentices will assist in the kitchen that evening and participate in the preparation and execution of the dinner.

Throughout the apprenticeship, both ServSafe and an ACF Certified Culinarian exam will be administered, with 100% compliance and 100% passing rate. 

Opportunity to have fun should also play a role. Iron Chef Competitions & culinary trivia will be regular occurrences, along with dine arounds once a year, to experience the property from the standpoint of the guest (off season, canapé reception, apps in one restaurant, middle course in another, entrees in another, dessert in another). As well, quarterly field trips to Eagles Nest Ranch, Corner Post Ranch and other farmers throughout the Front Range will supplement the apprentice’s education and practical experience at the hotel. Lastly, with chef mentor oversight, both junior and senior apprentices will play a vital role in operations at Broadmoor Farm.