International Recruitment

The Broadmoor provides cultural exchange experience, internship, and training opportunities for individuals from over 23 countries and cultures. We recruit those interested in the hospitality field from across the globe. Programs range from four months to a year in length. After completing the general Broadmoor orientation, international students attend a welcome meeting covering the particulars of their program and the opportunities offered to them while they are here.


Participants complete a 6-12 month internship in various departments. All positions are considered full-time and students are given an opportunity to participate in a number of training classes. Trainees must meet one of the following criteria: 1) Current full-time student at a college/university, pursuing a degree in Hospitality or a related field 2) Graduate of a college/university in Hospitality or a related field; coursework completion date is less than one year prior to beginning the International Training Program 3) Graduate of a college/university in Hospitality or a related field, and has one year of full time, cumulative relevant work experience outside of the United States 4) Does not have a degree from a college/university, but has five years of relevant work experience outside of the United States.


Work and Travel students join our team for up to four months. Summer sessions typically begin in May and end in September. Students participate in this program during their time off from university. To qualify, students must be enrolled in a university of a participating country and be planning to return to their schooling after their four-month program.