Photo Pass Request

Thank you for your interest in capturing those special moments during your stay at The Broadmoor. Currently, we will only be issuing photo passes to registered hotel guests. The photo pass and your hotel confirmation codes are linked; if you should cancel your room reservation, your photo pass will also be canceled. Please click here to book your accommodations.

NOTE: If you are a registered hotel guest, but you do not have a wedding taking place at The Broadmoor, wedding photography is not permitted. Photo passes are limited for hotel guests during: Easter Weekend, Labor Day/Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July week, Thanksgiving Weekend and December 21st through January 3rd. Additional instances may also be regulated and are at the discretion of The Broadmoor.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to The Broadmoor.


  • Wedding photography, other than weddings being held at The Broadmoor, is not allowed. (This excludes engagement photos which require photo pass approval, hotel room confirmation, and are subject to all the usual photo pass requirements and location restrictions.)
  • Photography taken on Broadmoor grounds is for personal use only. Commercial usage of photos taken on Broadmoor Property is not permitted.
  • Additional lighting other than flash is not permitted without written consent.
  • Video photography requires separate permissions.
  • Drones are prohibited.
  • No more than ten people (including photographer.)
  • Photo passes are not issued for restaurants and Wilderness Experiences.
  • If approved, photography may take place between the hours of 10AM and Noon, or from 2PM to 6PM.
  • Time allotted for photo session shall not exceed one hour in duration.
  • Photo passes are not issued for Broadmoor Wilderness Experiences.
Photo Pass Request Form

Photo Pass Request Form