Tax Exempt Policies

The Broadmoor Hotel has always taken pride in offering the finest services to our guests. As a service to our clients with tax exempt privileges, the local tax authorities require that you provide us with the following:

  • Broadmoor checklist for Tax Exemption View Link
  • Affidavit of Exemption from the City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax (Standard Municipal Home Rule Affidavit of Exempt Sale) View This Form Online

The City of Colorado Springs has developed the "Standard Municipal Home Rule Affidavit of Exempt Sale" form to be completed by a purchaser when requesting exemption of local taxes. Attached on this page is the copy of the affidavit. Based on your organization's designation, the appropriate top section must be completed in full by the purchaser (the organization or individual claiming exemption from sales tax). The section listed as Government Issued ID # must be completed (this can be a driver's license number, a military ID or other government issued identification). In order to verify the ID information, we will need a copy of the ID returned with the affidavit. If the required sections of the form are not completed, The Broadmoor Hotel is not able to exempt the transaction from taxes. If the purchaser is not willing to complete the form in full, The Broadmoor is required to charge all taxes and the purchaser can request a refund directly from local tax authorities with the required documentation. These requirements are issued by the local tax authorities (not The Broadmoor), and the purchaser may contact them directly with any questions or concerns.

  • Proof of Exemption:
    • State Tax Exemption Certificate *If the organization is out of State, you will also need to provide the "Affidavit of Non-Taxable Sale to Tax Exempt Organization" View This Form Online
    • If you are a charitable organization, we will need a City of Colorado Springs Exemption Certificate or a copy of the IRS issues letter which states that the organization is a 501(c) 3
    • Federal Credit Unions will be able to provide us with a Letter of Exemption
  • All deposits/payments on account must be made via check or credit card bearing the tax exempt organization's name (personal check, personal credit card, or cash payments will disqualify the tax exemption)
  • In order to properly submit your completed documents, you must provide the following:
    • Checklist including Name/Reservation #; Group/Group Code
    • Completed Affidavit
    • Valid Copy of ID
    • Tax Exempt Certificate/Letter

****Please ensure all information is emailed to for completion of your request no later than one week prior to your arrival date.


We can only extend tax exemption when the above criteria are satisfied. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to your arrival or you may contact the City of Colorado Springs Senior Sales Tax Auditor directly, Ms. Sharon OBrien, (719) 385-5231.

Yours respectfully,

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