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Women's Weekend of Wellness 2017

The Broadmoor Women's Weekend of Wellness - April 6 - 9, 2017

Face Your Fears: Find Your Passion.

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Your comfort zone is an easy place to live. It is predictable. It is familiar. Your comfort zone is comfortable because it doesn’t challenge you. With “Face Your Fears: Find Your Passion,” we are going to ask you to squirm a little; we’re going to challenge you to push mental and physical limits in order to break down barriers. There will be stories of the spirit that will inspire. There will be stories of fighting back from the depths to the heights of triumph. Every element of the weekend is designed to help discover what holds you back, allowing you to discover your inner champion.

Women of all ages are invited to renew mind, body and spirit at this transformative, all-inclusive wellness weekend which focuses on helping women reboot the mind, body, and spirit while unleashing their inner athlete. Co-sponsored by the University of Colorado (CU) Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, this transformational weekend is focused on providing the tools and resources women can use to surmount the challenges they face in life, whether personal, professional, or physical, through a number of interactive seminars and exercise-based activities.
Led by doctors and specialists from the Denver region and the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, the seminars offer a holistic approach to gaining the physical, emotional, and mental fortitude to achieve their goals.

Keynote Speaker: Diane Van Deren, Ultrarunner

Racked by debilitating epilepsy for 10 years, Diane underwent risky and radical brain surgery in 1997 to gain a seizure-free life. She soon discovered that she could run, and run, and run while tolerating pain that slows the rest of us.  So Diane applied her athletic ability, her love of the outdoors, and her endurance to a sport she loved: ultra-running.

Diane is a survivor, a peak performer, a wife, and a proud mother of three. Her inspirational life will intrigue you and drive you to strive for your personal best. She has faced fears and found a real passion in ultra-distance running making the outdoors her new office space. With over 3 million steps taken throughout multiple countries on varying trails, supporting her son who has been deployed twice to Iraq and battling her own health issues…it begs the question; “What is it like to walk a mile in her shoes?"  


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