7 Things Great Managers Do Differently

Having a great boss in the office makes going to work a more productive experience. Employees tend to be more engaged, more productive, and are happier workers when they feel like they're being effectively and fairly managed by their managers and supervisors. This also tends to be true with employees who feel they are not being managed fairly. Their performance will decline over time, and they are more apt to leave their current job. Here are some tips on how to become a better manager in your workplace.

  1. Hire Smart: The secret to building a successful department is picking the right people for your departments supporting roles. Great managers can identify the importance of being able to trust your team members as well as, be confident in their ability to complete tasks for their position. So, take the time and care to make sure every new addition will be an asset to your team and department.
  2. Get to Know Your Employees: Great managers learn over time how to identify what their teams’ needs are to manage their employees effectively. Take a little bit if time to get to know your employees on a personal level. This will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and what management style works best for the individual. Knowing what helps motivate your team will allow you to plan for tasks and projects. This will help you find the best people for the job, to efficiently complete the task or project within the time frame that it is needed to be completed.  This is helpful for departments that work in small teams or pairs.
  3. Setting a Positive Tone with your Department: The attitude and demeanor of a manager can be contagious and influence your whole team. You can create the environment you would like to see by setting the tone for your team by introducing a positive attitude. Your team will follow by example, and you will cultivate a productive team.
  4. Communicate with your Employees: Communication is the key to success in any department or workplace. It is important that employees feel comfortable and can talk openly and honestly with their manager. An employee that feels like they have a voice within their work environment will also be more productive. Great managers have their employees trust will have a team that works well together overall.
  5. Help Your Team When You are Short on Staff: Whether you are a small business or a large corporation you will be the victim of staff shortages at one time or another. These moments of crisis allow a great manager to shine. When your department experiences staff shortages, great managers will step in and help their team be successful in completing their daily tasks This will help your department run smoothly and help your employees stay on task.
  6. Give Credit to Your Team when it is due: Like offering your team support, celebrating your team and team members when they are successful is important as well. When your employees feel valued, they usually will go above and beyond to help your department be successful. Celebrating your team members when they go above and beyond, this will also help create retention in your department. Great managers recognize their appreciation for teammates at both a personal level and a team level.
  7. Support Your Team: Employees that feel they don’t have the support needed from their managers will tend to become part of the status que. Employees who ultimately feel like they don't have their managers support will not speak up or be innovative. When employees trust a great manager, your team will be able to celebrate your teams' successes and use the mistakes as a teaching tool to show your employees the correct process.

You can use the tips above to help cultivate a better environment for your department or business. You can adapt these tips to your management style to become a better manager and teammate.

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