Cloud Camp

Your Moment on Top of the World

Whatever the season, time spent at Cloud Camp is always transformative. As Nature turns, so does the cinematic view, forever fresh and astounding with every passing moment. And so too, we transform within its beauty. Perhaps you'll make new friends over the lively captain's dinner table or reconnect with old ones. Perhaps you'll experience a moment of exhilaration, swept up in the romance of the setting, the intoxicating sense of hidden charm that awaits in this best of times above the everyday below. Whatever you take from Cloud Camp, the feelings and the memories will remain with you long after you touch the ground again.

Colorado Springs enjoys some of the cleanest air in the US and, at Cloud Camp, you only have to look up and take a deep breath to know how it feels to be on top of the world.

Packing For Your Trip

Please remember that we are above 9000' elevation and can enjoy all 4 seasons in a single day! Packing correctly will enhance your enjoyment.

  • Hiking boots or tennis shoes 
  • Layers! – Temperatures cool off in the evening sometimes as much as 25 degrees
  • Rain jacket, fully waterproof is recommended
  • Swim suit for hot tubs
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat, wide brimmed, for sun and eye protection.
  • Personal care items such as insect repellent, sunscreen 20+, tissues, etc...
  • Spare corrective eyewear, glasses, or contacts
  • Camera
  • Books and other reading materials in case you get a few moments to read your favorite novel.
  • Compact binoculars or Starnoculars

Each of our cabins includes hair dryers, fans, humidifiers upon request, bathrobes, slippers, shampoo/conditioner, and more comforting necessities. Also, we'll remind you to drink a lot of water...even before you get thirsty. Your guide will have plenty of water available. Staying hydrated will reduce headaches caused by our high elevation and dry climate.

Incidental Services

Cloud Camp is an all-inclusive property, including a daily service fee, which offsets premium wages for each of the Wilderness team. The all-inclusive environment eliminates the necessity of presenting credit cards or cash during your stay, unless otherwise preferred.

Interested in more information on The Broadmoor Cloud Camp? Give us a call at 866-397-8781!