Fly Fishing Camp

The Perfect Destination to Connect with Nature

For a wonderful break from the everyday, Fly Fishing Camp lifts the spirits and calms the mind. And it's not just fishing; the camp also provides a magical connection to the vast and natural splendor of Wild West Colorado. Guests can spend their days exploring the beautiful rock formations in the Lost Creek Wilderness, hiking, and spotting spectacular wild life. And, before a great nights' sleep in the cozy embrace of the restored 1880s cabins, a hearty dinner is served in the Main Lodge, followed by plenty of river-based tales around the always roaring crackling fire.

Packing For Your Trip

We want to ensure you are prepared for your stay and equipped with the right attire to enjoy your stay! Packing correctly will enhance your enjoyment.

  • Layers! (Please avoid cotton)
  • Rain jacket, fully waterproof
  • Polarized sunglasses are absolutely essential for eye protection as well as for spotting fish
  • Long Johns for colder weather or shorts for warmer weather. Waders can be difficult to put on over jeans, and jeans can be uncomfortably clammy under waders.
  • Heavy Socks to wear under waders in any conditions
  • Bath Robe some accommodations utilize the communal bath house
  • Shower Slippers some accommodations utilize the communal bath house
  • Hat, wide-brimmed, for sun and eye protection.
  • Personal care items such as insect repellent, sunscreen 20+, tissues, etc…
  • Spare corrective eyewear, glasses, or contacts
  • Camera
  • Books and other reading materials
  • Compact binoculars or Starnoculars

NON-FISHING ATTIRE: The Broadmoor Fishing Camp lodge and cabin settings are very casual and no special attire is necessary. Blue jeans, khakis, shorts, casual shirts, fishing shirts are all common. Also, we'll remind you to drink a lot of water…even before you get thirsty. Your guide will have plenty of water available. Staying hydrated will reduce headaches caused by our high elevation and dry climate.

Incidental Services

Fly Fishing Camp is an all-inclusive property, including a daily service fee, which offsets premium wages for each of the Wilderness team. This does not include discretionary gratuities for the services of the Fly Fishing Guides, who are independent contractors.

Interested in more information on Fly Fishing Camp? Give us a call at 866-369-0739!