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New Zip Lines added to The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure with the Opening of the Fins Course
Create an Adrenaline Dream Team
Standing on the edge of the world, looking out  across an 1,800 foot span of cable, knowing you are about to traverse it in a matter of mere minutes at 45 miles an hour – 500 feet high above the canyon floor of Seven Falls - words fail. The heart pounds. It is the last line before you find yourself in a controlled repel that slowly slides you 180 feet past rock walls to terra firma within the park. It is the end of an adventure that began hours before with an air of anticipation and excitement as you learned to fly safely suspended in air and under the watchful eyes of professional guides. You experienced what it feels like to seemingly be floating in time and space. You witnessed views only experienced by eagles and explorers before. There is satisfaction in the adrenaline rush. You want to go again because now you are empowered.
That isn’t the end of the story; it’s only the beginning of an exciting new discovery. Welcome to The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure and the highly anticipated unveiling of the Fins Course.
Opening, Wednesday, August 17, the Fins Course is the perfect complement to what has already been hailed as an exhilarating and exceptional zip line adventure. Both courses are constructed by world-renowned and award-winning Bonsai Designs. With more than 20 years of experience in the aerial adventure course industry, Bonsai has dubbed these two courses as “their most unique design and construction, creating a cliff-side adventure that guests will remember for years to come.” 
The Fins Course can stand on its own, with two training lines and three heart-pounding zips, or can be a combined with the Woods Course that opened in August of 2015 to create a half-day experience. Both courses are staffed by professional guides who thoroughly cover safety procedures, give lessons how to operate the double-cabled braking system and travel with guests throughout their adventure.
Named for two dorsal-shaped rock outcroppings that look like fish fins, the first long line of the Fins Course offers excellent views of Seven Falls Canyon. This is followed by traversing two Via Ferrata-style cable, plank and rope suspension bridges anchored into the rock outcroppings of the Fins. Suspended 400 feet off the ground to the Eastern side, they offer amazing views of the Broadmoor and Colorado Springs.   The next line travels 1,333 feet across the canyon 500 feet below to the south side of Mount Cutler; the last line is a breathtaking 1,800 foot ride up Seven Falls Canyon. The experience ends with a 170 foot controlled repel line that lowers guests safely back onto the park floor.
“With intensive guide training and certification, along with state of the art equipment and redundant safety systems, the actual risks of zipping this extraordinary course is far less than that risk which is perceived by the participants,” said Broadmoor Soaring Adventure manager, Kurt Segerberg. “But for those who are a little hesitant to brave new heights of the Fins, The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure offers five lines on the Woods Course with a less open exposure, amazing views and an ending 1,500 foot zip line that reaches speeds up to 45 mph. Whether you do one, or both of the courses, this is an unforgettable adventure led by certified guides and utilizing the best gear in the industry. ”
The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure is open daily, weather permitting. Reservations are on line at or in person at the ticket kiosk located on adjacent to the East parking lot, across from the Golden Bee pub on 1st street. Parking is free. Transportation to the Soaring Adventure and back from Seven Falls is included. For more information, or to book by phone, please call 844-876-4968.
Allison Scott
Director of Communications
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