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Fitness & Wellness Activities

In keeping with our legacy as one of the premier Colorado spa resorts, The Broadmoor offers an extensive selection of health and wellness programs for guests of all ages and skill levels. The Broadmoor Fitness Center is open daily from 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Use of the Fitness Center is reserved for hotel guests 18 and over, and for 16- and 17-year-olds accompanied by a supervising adult. Fourteen- and 15-year-old resort guests must attend a Youth Orientation before they are allowed to access the Fitness Center.

Fitness Classes at The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor offers an inspiring array of fitness classes as well as personal training and fitness evaluations to further enhance the wellness goals of our guests. As our offerings frequently change, please view our current schedule above, or review descriptions of our classes below.


Early Bird Aquafit: Total body workout in the pool. Includes cardio, resistance, and stretching exercises in the shallow and/or deep end. (Low-Moderate level)

Yoga Flow: Flows through a series of poses that increase muscular strength and flexibility, improve balance and coordination, reduce stress and enhance the feeling of well-being while linking mind, body and breath. (Low-Moderate level)

Yoga Stretch: Focuses on passive yoga postures which encourage flexibility. (Low level)

Deep Yoga Stretch: A restorative stretching class that targets tight muscles. Concentrates on holding poses for a longer time to deepen flexibility, bring awareness to breath and relax. (Low level)

Yoga Strength: May include more weight bearing on arms, Vinyasa flows, longer holds, active breath work and/or light hand weights to increase inner and outer strength. (Moderate-High level)

Tabata Core: Strengthens the core in a format of 4 minute segments divided into vigorous action movement for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. A wide variety of movements are done with stretching between each segment. (Moderate-High level)

Core Conditioning: The singular focus of this class is the strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles. A wide variety of exercises and tools will be used. (Moderate level)

Cardio and Core: A cardio training class for the entire body to increase heart rate with a central focus on training the core muscle groups (abdominals and back). Bands, weights, body bars and/or body weight may be used. (Moderate level)

Spin and Sculpt: An endurance-building workout that focuses on toning/tightening your major muscle groups. It's the best of both worlds with cardiovascular and strength training.

Spin TRX: Simulate a cycling experience with the added bonus of Suspension Training. A true full body workout! (High level)

HIIT Burst: High Intensity Interval Training. Includes cardio and strength training through bursts of high intensity movements with brief periods of rest. (High level)

Power Pump: Strength training workout choreographed to music for all major muscle groups. (High level)

FMS: Functional training that’s focused on movement patterns that have a purpose in order to become stronger at everyday activities. Do you have pain, stiffness or lack of mobility when you move? Move better, train better, and ultimately feel better through a program designed for joint mobility and stability. (Low level)

Cardio Fit: A combination of favorite cardio activities combined with dance moves to condition your heart while strengthening your whole body, including the core.


In addition to the fitness center, The Broadmoor encourages guests to work one-on-one with our certified fitness specialists. From the latest information on nutrition and exercise techniques to fitness evaluations and metabolic analysis, let our experts get you to the next level of your wellness journey. 

Call the Fitness Center at extension 5665 to schedule a Personal Training Session, Private One-on-One Class or Fitness Evaluation.

Personal Training ($65 for 30 minutes; $85 for 50 minutes)

Personal training sessions are a wonderful way to refocus your fitness goals, get inspired with new techniques and receive the most recent information from exercise research. Your personal trainer is certified and experienced in working with all body types, ages, conditions, and goals.

Fitness Evaluation ($150 for 50 minutes)

This full range of fitness measurements is administered in our private assessment room by one of our fitness specialists. Our BSDI system evaluates all parts of the body's fitness picture so that our experts can draw you a map of how you can reach your fitness goals. 

Youth Fitness ($55)

Conducted by our Fitness Specialists, Youth Fitness is an introductory class available for Hotel Guests and Golf Club Members 12-17 years of age who would like supervised access to the Fitness Center.

What Our Guests Are Saying
"The gym is great and overlooks the beautiful mountains. The lap pool and hot tub at the spa were relaxing & clean."
— Amber N – Trip Advisor
"The gym is fabulous with high-tech machines, complementary fruit and beverages, and clean changing rooms. "
— Anneliese H - Yelp
"The fitness area has everything you could want or need."
— GraceIndianapolis- Trip Advisor