Fitness Schedule at The Broadmoor

October 1 - 31

Taking care of your body also takes care of your mind. Get the blood pumping and join us for a fun, invigorating, or relaxing class to energize your day or to wind down. As our offerings frequently change, please review descriptions of our classes below.


Early Bird Aquafit: Total body workout in the pool. Includes cardio, resistance, and stretching exercises in the shallow and/or deep end. Low – Moderate level.

Gentle Yoga: Move through poses mindfully, breathe, relax and center. This class will help improve balance, strength and flexibility while reducing stress. Low – Moderate level.

Yoga Flow: Flow through a series of poses that increase muscular strength and flexibility, improve balance, coordination, and enhance the feeling of well-being while linking mind, body and breath. Moderate level.

Yoga Stretch: Yoga practice focus on more passive yoga postures and stretches which encourage flexibility and release body tension. May use straps, balls or rollers. Low level.

Advanced Yoga: This class may include more weight bearing on arms, Vinyasa flows, longer holds, active breathwork and/or light hand weights to increase inner and outer strength. Moderate – High level.

Yoga Stretch & Flow: A combination of 2 favored classes! Expect movement, breathwork and stationary poses to open the body, mind and increase flexibility. Low – Moderate level.

Core and Glute: A combination of favorite core activities to focus on strengthening the abdominals and back area mixed with extra attention on firming the glute muscles for a complete toning of the mid-section! Moderate level.

Core Conditioning: The singular focus of this class is the strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles. A wide variety of exercises and tools will be used. Low – Moderate level.

Power Pump: An intensive strength training and resistance workout for all major muscle groups using bars, weights and bands to challenge and tone the entire body. Moderate – High level.

20/20/10: 20 minutes Cardio, 20 minutes Strength Training, 10 minutes of Core focus. High level.

Epic Cardio and Core: A cardio training class for the entire body to increase heart rate with a central focus on training the core muscles groups (abdominals and back). Bands, weights, body bars and/or body weight may be used. Moderate level.

Cardio Mixx: Get your heart pumping, and leave feeling ready to take on the world! This class combines various cardio drills and strength-training techniques for a full body workout. Moderate – High level.